Download Kage Huyền Thoại Hack MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 7.5

Download Kage Huyền Thoại Hack MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 7.5
Name Kage Huyền Thoại
Latest Version 7.5
Genre Role Playing
Size 341 Mb
Requires Android 7.1 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
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Kage Huyền Thoại hack full diamond is a Naruto-themed game, an anime associated with childhood, beautiful memories of many gamers. As the name suggests, the game is geared towards the position that every shinobi dreams of. That is becoming a talented Kage, reaching the legendary level. With Legendary Kage mod, your character will receive many advantages to stay firmly on the path to realizing your dream of becoming the strongest ninja.

Download Legendary Kage Mod – Become a famous ninja

Shinobi Games’ Legendary Kage is a rather special role-playing game. The ninja theme is exploited based on the famous Naruto series. The game is loved by its unique mission and simple control mechanism. Becoming a shinobi, you will possess special abilities, fight to protect the peace of the village. The gameplay is built in a tactical way, so the player’s individual thinking and skills are extremely important.

Tactical RPG

Legendary Kage lets you choose your favorite shinobi to arrange, creating a 6-person squad. With more than 100 characters designed to follow the Naruto storyline, you can choose anyone you love. Each character has unique abilities and skill sets. The character system is not only diverse but also has depth because it is divided by attribute system and role. Based on the characteristics of the attribute system as well as the mutual and mutual roles, you need to arrange the shinobi in the appropriate position. This strategy game builds automatic combat mechanics. Therefore, your job is just to calculate, choose characters, build squads and deploy tactics. The power of the shinobi can only be brought into play when placed in the right circumstances. Therefore, the ability of each player is the decisive factor in winning or losing. During the battle, you can adjust the speed as you like.

download Kage Legend mod

Cross-server PvP combat game, so you will be able to test your tactical prowess with many different players. After each match, whether you win or lose, you will gain valuable knowledge and experience. Gradually improve your ability, fight better to reach high rankings, climb ranks successfully.

Beautiful graphics

Although not in the excellent line, the graphics of Legendary Kage are still appreciated. The sharpness and authenticity are clearly visible in the visual design and lighting effects in the game. The moves are spectacular with impressive power lines. To add drama to the fights, the development team inserted lively sounds, suitable for each situation.

MOD version of Legendary Kage APK

  • Unlimited money

Love Naruto, want to fight with the Konoha warriors, then you should experience Kage Legend. The game has tactical gameplay and a diverse cast of characters that will give you the opportunity to show your ability to use people and think in battle. Download Kage Legend MOD APK to get more special features, strengthen the character!


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