Download Last Island of Survival MOD (Full Unlocked) + APK 4.1

Download Last Island of Survival MOD (Full Unlocked) + APK 4.1
Name Last Island of Survival
Latest Version 4.1
Genre Action
Size 1.24GB
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Full Unlock
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If you are an adventurer, like a stimulating new feeling, then try the game Last Island of Survival MOD APK (Unlocked full). Belongs to the genre of survival game, but the scene is relatively strange on a deserted island. The adventure will be extremely engaging and challenging. So are you ready to role play?

Download Last Island of Survival Mod – The battle for survival on a deserted island

First, let’s learn about the background of Last Island of Survival before starting to play. This survival game is published by Xiaojiao Zhang and for Android phone devices. When it was just released, this game received enthusiastic responses from many fans. In Vietnam alone, the number of Last Island of Survival players has reached an impressive 50,000.

Build your own character for roleplay

When entering the game, what the user needs to do is choose a character to incarnate. Unlike other games that only allow choosing a character’s gender, Last Island of Survival allows users to design their own characters.

hack Last Island of Survival

From small details such as hairstyle, hair color, skin color, outfit, … are all selected by the player. This will show the personality of each character, so it is difficult to confuse players with each other.

How to play Last Island of Survival

When you have chosen the character and joined the game, you will appear on a completely unfamiliar deserted island. The left side of the screen will include touch buttons:

  • Arrow buttons to move body forward, backward, left, right.
  • Button for jumping or crouching.
  • Small button to view personal inventory.

On the right side of the screen will be the keys to perform actions such as jumping, lying, hitting and sitting. The weapon the system gives you at the start of the game is the stone ax. You have to use it to cut down trees to build a simple house for rest and shelter. In addition, the house will be the place where you store items during the game.

Mod Last Island of Survival

One of the tasks of Last Island of Survival players is to find stone, iron, sulfur, … to make the necessary items. For example, the current wooden house is too small and unsafe, you need to collect materials and research the recipe to build a stronger house. If you want to upgrade a weapon to a gun, you need to do more tasks set by the system to earn enough crafting materials. The difficulty of the mission will increase gradually because the dangers are always lurking for you.

Last Island of Survival PvP Mode

This is an online game, so there will be many people participating in the game. Will they become your comrades or enemies?This is entirely up to you to decide. But remember, newbies are still confused, so make as many friends as possible. Good diplomacy will help you have more teammates to complete difficult requests. In case of need, you and your comrades can also exchange items for each other. The game has a chat mode for team members to chat, discuss tactics or exchange weapons. The most interesting of Last Island of Survival is that your team can cooperate with other groups to create their own empire. The more powerful the army, the higher your own survivability. Therefore, invite as many friends to join the game as possible to build a fighting organization in the battle for survival on the deserted island.

Last Island of Survival mod

“Slaughter” is a mode that is both beneficial and harmful in Last Island of Survival. It is beneficial because the player will destroy and get all the items and equipment of the people they meet. But this will also lead to you being hunted by members of the groups. So, be careful when using this mode.

General evaluation of Last Island of Survival’s graphics

Talking about graphics, Last Island of Survival is designed in extremely impressive 3D. Each detailed and skillful drawing, smooth and precise movements make players sucked into the virtual world. The effect of day and night is changed alternately to create a realism for the game. Besides, weather effects are also used flexibly to bring the most realistic feeling. Impressive raids in the rain will definitely bring an extremely attractive experience. The game sound is vibrant, wild, suitable for the genre of survival game on a deserted island. To play the game without stuttering and freeze, choose for yourself devices with high configuration.

Last Island of Survival APK MOD Version

  • Full Unlock
  • Menu

In short, Last Island of Survival MOD APK is an attractive survival game that is always in the top search. The game will be more attractive if you play with a group of friends. If you are a person who rarely plays games and want to try something new, you should also try this game.


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