Download Kunoichi Tsubaki MOD (Vietnamese Chemistry) + APK 1.1.0

Download Kunoichi Tsubaki MOD (Vietnamese Chemistry) + APK 1.1.0
Name Kunoichi Tsubaki
Publisher Triangle
Latest Version 1.1.0
Genre Role Playing
Size 301 Mb
Requires Android 4.1 trở lên
MOD Viet Hoa
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Kunoichi Tsubaki MOD APK (Vietnameseization) is an 18+ style role-playing game released by Triangle. This game has created a “craze” on Steam as soon as it was released. Although the game’s graphics are not very impressive, in return it is a new and extremely unique gameplay. With Kunoichi Tsubaki Viet Hoa, you will have an unforgettable moment of relaxation with the beautiful leader.

downloadKunoichi Tsubaki mod

Download Kunoichi Tsubaki Mod – Play the role of a charming female general

Kunoichi Tsubaki makes many players hesitate in the process of fighting. Normally, with every game, every player wants to overcome the challenge to win. However, in this game, sometimes you want to be the loser. Punishment is not the same as punishment. It is this adult-style “ambiguous” role-playing game that has aroused the curiosity of many gamers.

Unique plot

Kunoichi Tsubaki builds the plot with a mysterious world. Here, people do not have a peaceful and peaceful life. In contrast, the cruel, authoritarian lords have filled the people to the end. If people suffer from hunger and thirst, people can work hard and earn food. However, things are more terrible when the leaders here bring many different types of monsters. Their appearance caused the people to create this place a series of horrifying memories. Although indignant, no one has the ability to oppose that force.

Kunoichi Tsubaki mod

At last a ray of hope appeared to this world. The appearance of warriors lurking in the shadows brought faith to the people. The leader of the army of heroes is a beautiful ninja girl. You will play the character, become a heroic leader with a noble mission.

Simple gameplay

Kunoichi Tsubaki is a role-playing game, so as soon as you join the game, you will play the role of a ninja leader. Your task is to control the character, go through many levels to fight and defeat monsters. The difficulty of the game increases gradually, so you need to upgrade the strength and skills of the ninja. Winning each level will give you experience and rewards. If you lose the battle, you will have to receive punishment from the lords. What do you think about capturing a beautiful female prisoner?Surely they do not forgive you easily. If you want to know what the action of the lords is with the character, you should experience this 18+ game yourself.

Classic 2D Graphics

The game has 2D graphics, so the image quality is only average. There are no sharp multi-dimensional scenes, the characters are also designed simply. However, the scenes that need to be realistic are still fully conveyed. Along with that is a lively sound system, catchy and realistic dialogue.

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MOD Version of Kunoichi Tsubaki APK

  • Viet Hoa

As a simple but attractive game, it is certain that you will not waste time when deciding to experience the game. With the Vietnamese version, you can grasp the content of the dialogue. Conquer every level to discover many fascinating plot twists. Download Kunoichi Tsubaki mod Viet Hoa to your device and experience it right away.


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