Download Island War MOD (Disable Enemy) + APK 3.6.8

Download Island War MOD (Disable Enemy) + APK 3.6.8
Name Island War
Publisher Fastone Games HK
Latest Version 3.6.8
Genre Strategy
Size 223 Mb
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Disable the enemy
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Island War MOD APK (Disable Enemy) is an exciting green island defense war released by Fastone Games HK. Although the gameplay is idle, gamers still have to think continuously to get the best plan. After building a kingdom on the island, you need to devise defensive strategies to protect your territory. Construction is only the initial element, then it is also a process of struggle to preserve and protect. With Island War modpure, you can strengthen your kingdom to be ready to face any challenge.

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Download Island War Mod – The battle to protect the island kingdom

Island War is a true war because it has elements of invasion, fighting and protection. In this world, you cannot negotiate, use diplomacy to get peace. The only way to protect your kingdom is to stand up and fight. Using leadership thinking, arrange the army according to specific tactics to defeat all those who are trying to invade your kingdom.

Fresh gameplay

As a strategic action game, the core element in the game is the player’s intelligence and tactical thinking. You can be the winner, you can also be the loser. This depends greatly on the force as well as the strength of the army. To stand up to all storms and challenges, you need to make your island grow. A strong national defense and security will help the kingdom be able to face all challenges. Along with that is the implementation of the plot to become hegemony and invade other countries. In Island War there is no element of mere defense. You need to protect yourself as well as invade other countries because this is a necessary choice when participating in this game.

Island War mod

In addition to the military, you also need to develop the country’s economy. Collect and exploit resources on your island as well as occupied territories. This will help your kingdom have a strong potential and grow. Also, don’t forget to invest in the army system. Upgrade their power, equip them with powerful weapons to stand firm against the onslaught of enemies. To recruit good soldiers, you need to ensure financial stability.

Starting with battles

Join Island War, you will plunge into battle with online opponents. This is an intellectual battle between players, not between you and AI. The war is realistically simulated with the main context of the kingdoms on each island. First, you will name your island. Next is the construction and development of the island. Initially, the island you are given is quite small in size. Around the island there are resources for you to exploit and use to develop your kingdom. The faster you build, the more coins you collect. When you have enough financial potential, you will upgrade and invest in everything. The stronger the kingdom, the stronger everything is. Parallel to the development mission is to fight to protect as well as join the invasion. Of course, during this process, building, consolidating and consolidating the army is a factor that cannot be ignored.

2D Graphics

This strategy game does not focus too much on graphics. Therefore, the image is only rated at a temporary level. Everything is very simple, outline the important and necessary details in a complete, easy to visualize manner. On the 2D platform, you can experience vivid and smooth battles. As the battle of the islands, the background is the blue of the sea and sky.

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The player’s castle and army system is also designed in a minimalist style. In general, the image of Island War is just a small factor contributing to a light and smooth experience for players. Besides, the sound element is also meticulously cared for by the publisher. The sound in the game is vivid and tactical, making you feel lost in the world created by Island War.

Island War APK MOD Version

  • Neutralize the enemy

It can be seen that Island War modpure is a comprehensive strategy game because it fully exploits tactical elements. If your dream is to own a kingdom, act as a leader, make all decisions and development policies, download Island War MOD APK. Special version with mod feature will help you quickly fulfill your dream.


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