Download Internet Cafe Simulator MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK v1.4

Download Internet Cafe Simulator MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK v1.4
Name Internet Cafe Simulator
Publisher Cheesecake Dev
Latest Version 1.4
Genre Simulation
Size 41 Mb
Requires Android
MOD Unlimited money
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If you are passionate about becoming a Net shop owner but do not have much money to open a shop, you can participate in the game Internet Cafe Simulator MOD APK. This is a very good game that simulates the process of opening Net. In the game, you have to do everything from choosing tables and chairs, computers to customer care. The money earned will help you upgrade the computer system and utilities in your shop. Let’s experience the Internet Cafe Simulator game in the article below.

Download Internet Cafe Simulator mod – An open-air simulation game

Have you thought that you will become a Net shop owner?In Internet Cafe Simulator, you will have full control over all types of computers, the cost of playing the net and accompanying services such as dining, etc. This is a pretty interesting and authentic game. Players have to do a lot of tasks to earn money and upgrade their rig better. After each computer upgrade, you can increase the playtime price and earn more revenue. Let’s start exploring the features available in the game.

InternetCafe Simulator Hack

Find a house to start a shop

When starting Internet Cafe Simulator, you will proceed to open your Net shop by finding a space. In the game there are many platforms with different prices. However, you can only choose a rather shabby place with a weak electrical system. This is also the intention of the game to challenge players because the startup process always encounters thorns. After finding your first location, you’ll begin the rebuilding of your internet store. Let’s start buying the first PC rigs to rent. With a small amount of money, you have to go around the nooks and crannies of the slum neighborhood to find the store. At this point, you can buy gamer furniture, fire extinguishers and deodorant sprays. Then use your server to order new keyboards. After a few minutes, the delivery person will place the item in front of your store. At this point, you will be responsible for arranging the equipment into the ready-made tables and chairs. Internet Cafe Simulator will guide you on how to install it to have a good enough PC rig. So the process of getting rich from the Net shop begins.

Realistic Net Café management game

Many gamers, after playing Internet Cafe Simulator, have envisioned the difficulties faced by Café net owners. The game simulates very closely the daily activities in the net shop. From cleaning, opening machines for customers or other jobs such as repairing power lines. You will be surprised with people playing or stealing money and crying with terrorists who bombed your internet shop.

InternetCafe Simulator MOD

Everything going on constantly will give you a headache. However, stay calm and see it as an enjoyable experience for yourself. You can hire security guards to stand at the door to stop guests who want to steal money. At the same time, hire assassins to stand guard for terrorists. They will help you feel more secure in serving customers in the Net shop. When you have a lot of money, you can expand the area, buy more expensive systems and install expensive furniture. Your internet cafe will look majestic if managed and decorated properly.

Don’t let the shop go bankrupt

The management in the game Internet Cafe Simulator is not too difficult. However, if you forget to hire security guards or assassins, the bombers will destroy your shop. Since then, the business will face many difficulties and lead to bankruptcy. The game also teaches you how to manage your money. Anything must be bought with money. Especially the room will always smell, you have to regularly buy room spray. And sometimes the PCs are overloaded and catch on fire, causing you to spray fire. A lot of problems come to gamers that make you stand still. You only have a little free time at night when everyone is asleep. At this time, you can inventory the amount of money earned during the day and plan to buy the necessary items.

Invest in services to make more money

In addition to earning money by guest playtime, you can provide additional services such as dining, coffee. Let’s build a kitchen and hire chefs and servers. There are a lot of guests with food needs and this is a quick way to earn extra money. In addition, you can also invest in more PS4 games or virtual reality games. They will make you hundreds of dollars. Many times more than PC gaming customers. The game publisher has carefully studied the process of formation and development of Net shops. So, nearly every feature in Internet Cafe Simulator is simulated with real-life activities. This is also an ideal environment for you to fulfill your dream of managing a net shop. As a boss, in addition to having a headache with troubles from customers, you should also calm down to invest the necessary things. If you choose the wrong and unnecessary products, your money will gradually decrease and lead to bankruptcy.

Internet Cafe Simulator MOD APK

Hire more staff

A very good thing about the Internet Cafe Simulator game is the recruitment of employees. This is a very important feature that frees you to do other things. The most important thing is to hire a bodyguard and assassin to avoid bomb damage to the shop. Next, you can hire a beautiful waitress to serve food. Each employee requires a daily salary, you have to measure before hiring them.

Game Graphics

The Internet Cafe Simulator game simulator actually has an impressive design. Players like to immerse themselves in the characters in the game and feel the real activities taking place in the net. The computer systems are designed with all types from low-end to high-end. They are very attractive to gamers so that they can move towards perfection.

MOD version of Internet Cafe Simulator APK

  • Unlimited money

Internet Cafe Simulator MOD APK is really a game worth experiencing. Especially for gamers who want to open a net shop in real life. The game shows the difficulties that the net shop owner will face. That makes you more mature.


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