Download Idle Magic School MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 2.4.0

Download Idle Magic School MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 2.4.0
Name Idle Magic School
Publisher Longames
Latest Version 2.4.0
Genre Simulation
Size 202M
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
Get it On Google Play

After stressful working hours, coming to Idle Magic School MOD APK (Unlimited money) you will enjoy an interesting and fun entertainment space. By building different ways, you unlock new schools and do the job of recruiting to train and coach cadets. Here, you will be able to open very unique magic classes. Be the smartest player to conquer all the complex challenges in this game.

download Idle Magic School mod

Download Idle Magic School Mod – Mystic School of Magic

Coming to Idle Magic School, players can freely create their own magic classes. You will design and build large schools with many classrooms with your imagination. After completing the building process, you will proceed to enroll students and open many new magic training courses. Students studying here, after graduating from school, can become strong and brave dragon riders. The game is interesting in that, all players can freely create as they like, experience the passion for magic to the fullest.

Training Great Magicians in History

Idle Magic School will help you unleash your passion through training the greatest magicians right at your school. Most of the students have a basic background in magic, so the teaching process shouldn’t be too difficult. Initially, it was simply recruiting students, teaching and helping the school’s reputation to spread. Later on, there comes a time when you need to expand more, diversify classes to attract more attention. The more Magicians come out of the school, the more Gold you will receive – an extremely necessary item in the game.

modIdle Magic School

Hundreds of tasks waiting for you

Idle Magic School will provide you with hundreds of different missions, not only to explore but also to enjoy. In each mission, you need to complete the requirements set by the game. Each mission will help you learn more experience and build a better, more quality magic school. Not only that, to complete all tasks well, you should try and come up with the most attractive ideas, so that you can conquer all the challenges in this game in the most intelligent and effective way.. Through each task, you will draw memorable lessons for opening schools and enrolling students in the most reasonable and best way. This is of great help for the future development of the magic school.

Receive many attractive rewards

After challenging missions in Idle Magic School, you have the freedom to expand your territory. You can freely open up different majors so that students can choose for themselves the most suitable major. For each completed quest, the witch will receive Gold. In addition to gold, almost in the game there are not too many other rewards, but according to the players’ feelings, that is more than enough. This gold can be used to upgrade your own abilities, or used to refurbish schools.

hackIdle Magic School

Beautiful images and super durable 3D images

Players will admire the most magical and beautiful learning environment ever. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in beautiful and realistic animations like in the movies. Moreover, sharp 3D graphics allow players to enjoy unique and exciting levels. Accompanying the sharp picture is the uncompromisingly enjoyable sound quality. This combination gives players a sense of excitement, increasing the impression of the game.

Some key features

  • Players have the right to build their own unique magic school according to their preferences freely and freely.
  • Knows how to adjust and handle any situation in the most skillful and vibrant way. It will be very helpful if you think of the smartest way to conquer all the difficult challenges in this game.
  • Enjoy a great entertainment environment with lots of short animations and beautiful colors, attracting attention from different players.
  • Train and train the greatest magicians with the utmost care and enthusiasm, helping them achieve their aspirations of becoming master magicians.

IdleMagic School hack

  • All students of this school are free to choose their major if it suits them.
  • Complete the brutal and thrilling challenges that the game offers to receive the most valuable rewards.
  • Know how to use your magic to attract customers and earn more money, and you also have the freedom to expand your territory to a large extentmost.
  • Play in online or offline mode, it’s up to you.
  • Always know how to be creative and come up with the most suitable solutions to conquer any challenge in the simplest way.

MOD version of Idle Magic School APK

  • Unlimited money

Coming to the world of Idle Magic School mod with full money, players will be able to earn money and experience a variety of other interesting features. This game seems to be simple, but it is not, there are many challenges ahead. And once you pass, you will earn huge bonuses. Currently, this game is updated on almost every application and is releasing an upgraded version to meet all players’ needs. Do not forget to recommend this interesting game to your friends around to experience together.


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