Download Idle GYM Sports MOD + APK 1.79 (Unlimited coins, diamonds)

Download Idle GYM Sports MOD + APK 1.79 (Unlimited coins, diamonds)
Name Idle GYM Sports
Publisher Hello Games Team
Latest Version 1.79
Genre Simulation
Size 141 Mb
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Unlimited money, diamonds
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Idle GYM Sports is a game made specifically for those who are passionate about sports activities and physical training. The game sets up countless gyms with professional equipment for players to freely choose their favorite exercises. At higher levels, you are also the manager and make plans to develop the gym. Download Idle GYM Sports Mod to build your own gym.

Download Idle GYM Sports Mod – Run the gym

Sports are always the choice of all subjects because of the health benefits that it brings. That’s why gym games are getting more and more attention from the gaming community. With Idle GYM Sports, the game allows you to approach sports from a more special perspective, becoming the manager of a large sports complex. Your short-term goal is to maintain a revenue source for the gym to gradually expand the size of the bigger and better quality gym. When there is an abundant economy, players will have the right to think of building a swimming pool, basketball court, soccer field, tennis court, racecourse, archery, boxing,… Buy more equipment and appliancessupport tools and progress to becoming a professional coach.

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1001 things to do

Idle GYM Sports sets you up with a multitude of tasks, each with a different implementation. The common point of these jobs is that they are all equally important, you need to complete the task in one area before you can move to another area. Players also have the opportunity to explore each sport in the complex, each sport will give you different experiences. In addition to those specific jobs, you also have to maintain long-term jobs such as managing, recruiting and training employees. Every task is busy, but it’s definitely fun. Because it is the hectic work sequence that makes the game speed pushed up very quickly and attractively. You almost never get bored.

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Becoming a gym manager

You can participate in the exercises included in the game, but do not forget that the main task that you need to perform is to manage and control the activities at this sports complex. At first, the number of people practicing is small, so it will be easier for you to breathe, but when the gym has grown and known by many people, you will certainly not have as much time to rest as before. However, there is a solution to help you not be overloaded with work is to hire employees. The staff will share management, in each certain gym, serve as well as answer customers’ questions. The staff is an effective hand to help you manage everything smoothly. But to do that, you also need to train your employees professionally and methodically. The management and operation of a sports complex is not simple, but with a good strategy, everything will not be as complicated as you think.

Large number of activities

Idle GYM Sports is a sports complex, so there’s nothing that will make you bored because you can’t practice. The number of gyms, equipment as well as sports you can participate in is up to hundreds of subjects. Suitable for many people and different ages. Most of the exercises are aimed at improving health and improving the physique for the practitioner. Each gym is equipped with extremely modern support equipment, you can even ask for the help of a trainer if you want. Meeting the needs of customers well helps your gym attract more people, they will bring friends next time.

Building Process

No one who is new to the business has immediately owned a massive system, everything starts from the first steps and Idle GYM Sports is no exception to that. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough money to expand your gym, good management of a small gym is the foundation for you to run a larger system. After having saved enough money, players can completely think about investing in more machines and equipment and expanding the size of the gym to neighboring areas. The dream of a large, complete and comfortable sports complex will not be too far away if you really put in the effort.

Idle GYM Sports MOD APK Version

  • Unlimited money
  • Infinite Diamonds

Idle GYM Sports helps players fulfill their dream of a multi-purpose sports complex built by themselves. With a fresh storyline, simple gameplay, you won’t want to miss any moment once you enter the game. Download Idle GYM Sports Mod to become a boss running your own gym!


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