Download Idle Forest Lumber Inc MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.4.4

Download Idle Forest Lumber Inc MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.4.4
Name Idle Forest Lumber Inc
Latest Version 1.4.4
Genre Simulation
Size 72 Mb
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
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Idle Forest Lumber Inc MOD APK builds gameplay based on realistic elements. In the game, you will take on the job of a wood trader. Going up from the basics, thanks to your management thinking and skills, you have built a respectable property. What qualities does a resource owner need? How to develop businesses, build a leading large manufacturing company in the region? With Idle Forest Lumber Inc modpure, you will have the opportunity to successfully complete your mission.

mod Idle Forest Lumber Inc

Download Idle Forest Lumber Inc Mod – Owner of a resource mining company

Simulation games are always appreciated because they bring a lot of value to players. Entertainment is a basic element, along with lessons and experiences in the business field. In Idle Forest Lumber Inc, you will experience the work of a business owner in the field of resource extraction. Your main task is to make management decisions, develop the wood production company, produce a lot of quality products. In addition to hard work, you need management and executive skills. Allocate resources and human resources appropriately so that your business gets the best results.

Basic simulation gameplay

Just like other business simulation games. Join the game, you will play a character starting a business with a job that you love. In Idle Forest Lumber Inc, that is the profession of resource extraction. As a leader, you need to take on a lot of work. From managing the forest to investing money, building factories to hiring workers, buying equipment, etc. In general, there will be a lot of work you need to do in this game. Each job, task in the game requires the player’s management skills. You need to complete everything in a planned way, with a specific schedule. Working time, to-do list needs to be scientific, in a reasonable period. If the work efficiency is optimized, it is entirely possible to build a rich and powerful resource mining empire. After completing the task, the reward you get is gold coins. This is especially important for business games. The more money you have, the sooner your ultimate goal, your dream, will come true.

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Effective forest management

In Idle Forest Lumber Inc, the main material is wood. Trees for timber are grown in large forests and large areas. In order for your company to grow as desired, you need to manage the forest effectively. Make scientific management policies so that resources are not exhausted. It sounds simple, but actually to do this, you need a specific strategy. Please pay workers to plant trees after mining. Use the money earned to expand the afforestation area. Besides, do not forget to conduct training courses for workers to have more experience and skills. These all play a huge role in increasing management efficiency.

Create business products

Planting trees to harvest time is the time that any business owner looks forward to. Therefore, you need to hire workers to embark on the logging process. Initially, the planting area was quite small, so the exploitation was very simple. However, when planting forests on a large scale, modern equipment is needed to exploit them. Typically, specialized vehicles for transportation, wood forklift trucks, … When the materials arrive at the workshop, the craftsman will begin to manufacture and make the product. From the raw wood to the finished product is a very long process. Only when done will you receive money from the system. The more beautiful handicrafts you make, the more money you earn. However, how to sell goods is also a huge challenge.

You need to find an effective and economical marketing method for your products to reach potential customers. Good products will receive support. When you build a reputation, you will have large orders. This is a way to earn profits, earn capital to invest in the business. With a large amount of money, it is possible to expand the forest area, hire more workers, and invest in modern equipment.

Upgrade Features

Idle Forest Lumber Inc has a much appreciated upgrade feature. In the process of building and developing a wood production company, you need to spend money on leveling up. Not only do you improve the skills and health of the workers, you also have to upgrade specialized equipment and vehicles for transportation. Especially the machines that are used directly to create actual products.

MOD version of Idle Forest Lumber Inc APK

  • Unlimited money

Whether you can create a reputable production and resource exploitation business depends on your level and mindset. Is this job difficult?You can experience it yourself, perform the tasks in the game to get the most objective view. Download Idle Forest Lumber Inc MOD APK to try your hand at business, run a resource mining business right now.


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