Download Idle Car Tycoon MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.30

Download Idle Car Tycoon MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.30
Name Idle Car Tycoon
Publisher Nox Joy
Latest Version 1.30
Genre Simulation
Size 28 Mb
Requires Android 4.1 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
Get it On Google Play

Idle Car Tycoon continues to be an interesting idle simulation game that has caused a fever in the gaming community. Even if there are more releases, good games still create attraction and attract a large number of players. This time, you will become the owner of a smart car wash station. Learn how to manage, build and operate this unique business model. With the Idle Car Tycoon mod, you will have the opportunity to show your potential business thinking.

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Download Idle Car Tycoon Mod – Become the boss of a car wash

Nowadays, cars are gradually becoming the basic means of transportation for every family. The more society develops, the more people own “4-wheel” vehicles. Therefore, in cities, the number of cars is increasing. Along with that comes the need for car repair, refurbishment and washing. Realizing the opportunity to get rich, you decide to outline your own entrepreneurial path. Just like that, a car wash station combined with car refueling was officially established. From a small station, you need to try, work hard to develop, turn it into the world’s leading large-scale medium.

Building car wash station combined with car filling

The process to become a big boss in Idle Car Tycoon is not easy. As an enthusiastic young person, you will start a business and go up from the most basic things. Initially, the system will issue you a small amount. Use it to build a small car wash station in the city. When the station scale was small and unknown, the number of visitors was also very small. Every day, only a few cars stop by to use your service. Customers during this period will help you have a stable revenue to invest and scale up.

Business expansion

With an idle style, you will not have to do much when experiencing Idle Car Tycoon. Make sure everything works for the business. When there is revenue, research to expand the business scale. The factors you need to invest in and upgrade are area, equipment and human resources. Provide good, quality service customers will come back and recommend your business to their loved ones. Just like that, your car wash station has more and more visitors. This means that you have more income, step by step achieving your big dreams.

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To increase revenue, you need to provide many other accompanying services such as gas filling, parking, shopping. The larger the scale, the larger the number of customers, the greater the revenue. In short, this is a methodical “start-up” process, with a specific roadmap that the player’s ability will determine whether it will be successful or not.

Upgrade important elements

In Idle Car Tycoon you need to care about 3 basic items. In addition to the price, pay attention to the speed as well as the traffic factor. Although there are many things you need to care about, first of all, focus on upgrading these items. Upgrading speed helps employees in the enterprise work more productive and efficient. Improving service quality will help satisfied customers, thereby making it easier to “make money” from them. Once you have accumulated enough money, proceed to upgrade immediately. Of course, upgrading will make your account lose a lot. However, understand that this is an investment for the future. You will quickly get your capital back, along with earning interest in a short time. As an idle style game, even if you don’t enter the game, all activities at your car wash station will still take place normally.

IdleCar Tycoon mod

Building and decorating

After expanding the area, think about investing and building other business areas. Thoroughly research the market, analyze user psychology to have the wisest development strategy. For example, the construction of an additional car park right behind the washing station. Because of the fact, there are many people who will go shopping and relax after cleaning their car. Therefore, they will need a safe parking place within close proximity. Besides, do not forget to arrange gas stations near the boulevard. This is a prime location, helping you get a large number of customers. The spacious area, close to the road, makes it easier for customers to refuel. Don’t forget to highlight your place of business with eye-catching decorations.

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Out to the world

From an ordinary person to the owner of the largest car wash business in the world, why not?You absolutely can do this with Idle Car Tycoon. Please work hard, conduct business activities professionally. Invest wisely with a specific strategy. All of these will help you achieve unexpected success. From a small car wash station in the country, to become a big brand with a worldwide system. Manage facilities in each country by selecting the icon of the country you want.

Simple graphics

Like most other simulation games, Idle Car Tycoon has average graphics. Everything is not so special or outstanding. However, that is enough to satisfy gamers. The basic activities are still clearly depicted, easy to grasp. The business model shows professionalism with bright colors, simulated in a fun style. Accompanied by the vividness of the sound element. Combining both picture and sound creates the perfect entertainment space for players.

MOD version of Idle Car Tycoon APK

  • Unlimited money

You will get a lot of great things when you experience Idle Car Tycoon. The game not only entertains you, but also gives you valuable lessons about business as well as how to manage human resources. Use your abilities to successfully build a world-leading car wash empire. Download the hack Idle Car Tycoon mod to make this dream come true!


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