Download Identity V MOD (Unlimited Money, Menu, Wall Hack) + APK 1.0.1032449

Download Identity V MOD (Unlimited Money, Menu, Wall Hack) + APK 1.0.1032449
Name Identity V
Publisher NetEase Games
Latest Version 1.0.1032449
Genre Role Playing
Size 1.3GB
Requires Android 4.1 trở lên
MOD Unlimited Money, Menu, Wall hack
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Surely for every gamer, the horror game genre is no longer strange. This is a very popular game genre that brings a sense of fear and twitching. Identity V MOD APK (Menu, Wall hack) is a new mobile survival horror game, where players have to try not to be hunted by scary forces. Learn more about the Identity V game in the article below.

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Download Identity V Mod – Horror Survival Game

Identity V game belongs to the horror game genre published by NetEase Games. In the game, players will have to play the role of many different characters. In particular, you can choose to become a hunter or become prey to be hunted by others. Each character you choose will have a unique appearance, personality, and abilities.

The outstanding features that attract players of Identity V


The Identity V game opens with the image of the main character that you play as reading a letter. In the letter, it is about a man who has lost a child and who wrote the letter pleading for you to help investigate this pitiful incident. The deadly adventure begins when you accept the plea and go to the address in the letter. A haunting gothic atmosphere begins to pervade everywhere. You realize that it’s like you’re the only one here…

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Once you have reached the place to find out, you have to continue, you will receive instructions asking along the way to find clues about that little girl. As events unfold, things seem to become more complicated and more dangerous than you think. A terrible secret is hiding behind waiting for you to find out.

Survival game the player can choose to be the hunter or the prey

Designed with 1v4 gameplay like previous horror games. Your only goal in Identity V is to run away from everything that is chasing you behind. To run away, players also have to go through various challenges in this game.

  • Must decipher mysterious machines to unlock new bugs or create an escape tunnel.
  • Gives multiple options to guide your character in a new direction.
  • Everything must be done with the rest of the members. The special feature here is in a group of 5 people. You will not know who is the hunter, who is the prey. Therefore, in the process of overcoming challenges, players need to carefully observe their teammates.

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If you are a hunter, then surely your goal will be different from the other 4. You will have to kill all the mobs in the fastest time. If you are a hunted prey, your goal is to survive and find out who the killer is. The horror of the game gradually becomes more terrifying, you will not know which is real, which is fake. This is the special point that makes Identity V one of the top heart-stopping horror games on mobile devices.

How to play

The opening of the Identity V game seems to be quite similar to the detective genre solving the case. Gradually, the horror and horror of the game began to appear. Players will feel that they are being put in a confused mess. Whether it’s the hunter or the hunted, each has its own skills. By making use of the unique skills of each character, you will use your judgment and puzzle skills to escape dangerous situations before you. Not only special in the two factions of hunters and prey, Identity V also allows players to choose characters to role-play such as doctors, football players, etc. Each character has skills and the ability to act., think separately.

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Attractive gameplay, fascinating mysterious story, extreme personality characters. Moreover, the character control mechanism is not difficult at all. Use the cluster of navigation keys to help the character move and a series of action buttons in the remaining corner to perform running, climbing, standing, squatting. With the hunter faction, you will have important skills located in the lower right corner of the screen. If you are the prey, there will be no special skills, but mainly the escape of the puzzle.

Graphics and sound

It can be said that the success of Identity V has many contributions of graphics. The style is a spooky mix with black, gray, white and red tones and neat but squiggly drawings. Character creation is puppets with all shapes and forms. Many spooky scenes in famous movies make players more scared. The sound of the game is not as intimidating as other horror games. But still creepy enough with detailed sounds and murky background music, rustling leaves, footsteps in the dark, the character’s breathing, etc. Just these are enough for players to get chills.

Identity V APK MOD Version

  • Menu
  • Wall hack
  • Unlimited money

Hopefully through the above article you have understood somewhat about Identity V MOD as well as the highlights of the game. If you love the horror genre, Identity V is really a game that you must play.


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