Download IDBS Bus Simulator MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 7.3

Download IDBS Bus Simulator MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 7.3
Name IDBS Bus Simulator
Publisher IDBS Studio
Latest Version 7.3
Genre Simulation
Size 72M
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
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Today, buses are the most widely used means of transport everywhere. It seems simple, but the operation and movement of the car also requires the driver to have certain skills and expertise. IDBS Bus Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a driving simulation game that gives you the most realistic look at the job of a bus driver. Are you ready to start the trip on the streets of the city in magnificent Indonesia?Follow the following article to better understand the IDBS Bus Simulator game.

IDBSBus Simulator mod

Download IDBS Bus Simulator Mod – Bus driving fun

IDBS Bus Simulator is the most realistic driving simulation game for those who want to experience driving on the roads in Indonesia. The player’s task is to carry out the pick-up and drop-off according to regulations. Serving the travel needs of customers and giving them their trust. In particular, the game IDBS Bus Simulator also helps players equip more experience when driving, mastering ways to handle situations on the road. A professional driver needs to strictly follow traffic rules as well as traffic signals, stay in the prescribed lane.

Highlights that help IDBS Bus Simulator  attract gamers

Drive a bus to see the city in Indonesia

Do you have a desire to come to Indonesia to have fun and visit but have not had the opportunity to do so?IDBS Bus Simulator is the solution to help you make that dream come true. The magnificent streets of the city will be described in detail in the game. Not only can you see the city of Indonesia, but you can also satisfy your passion for bus driving.

download IDBS Bus Simulator mod

Players will experience the reality as a professional bus driver, immersing in the rhythm of life in Indonesia. You can enjoy the trip to the fullest and save yourself unforgettable memories.

Realistic bus system

In essence, in the bus system of the game IDBS Bus Simulator, players will not have too many choices. Compared to other games of the same genre, this game only owns a few. However, each bus is beautifully designed by the publisher IDBS Studio, detailed according to the model of the car in real life. IDBS Bus Simulator has clearly demonstrated the motto “quality over quantity” that people often say. This brings comfort, realism and satisfaction to the players. Every detail on the bus is sketched and made like real buses in Indonesia. Players are completely free to choose their favorite car to accompany them on every trip. In addition, you will learn more safe driving skills, park your car at the right time, at the right place to drop off and pick up passengers. IDBS Bus Simulator offers players realistic controls with touch-screen buttons integrated with an intuitive navigation system and traffic map. These features play a very important role in assisting the driver on the road.

hackIDBS Bus Simulator

Follow traffic rules

Any vehicle traveling on the road must obey the traffic rules. So IDBS Bus Simulator is no exception, players need to obey all traffic rules. This is your time to show off your professional skills. Please go through the roads safely, do not cause collisions with other people. At the same time, it is necessary to move on the right side of the road, do not go in the wrong lane, do not pass red lights, and follow the roadside signs. Strictly following all the traffic rules set out will certainly be a great success that all drivers want to achieve. This is a way for gamers to show their professionalism, excellent driving ability and affirm their ability to conquer all their challenges.

Complete the task of transporting passengers

As a bus driver, transporting passengers to where they need to go is the most important task. The factor that players need is time and attentive service to each passenger. This is the premise that determines the success of the driver.

modIDBS Bus Simulator

Passengers are the source of income to help drivers maintain their jobs and passions. Therefore, players need to improve their driving skills so that customers can feel more secure in their trips. In particular, in IDBS Bus Simulator you also have a special task of transporting students to school. To set an example to help students better understand traffic safety. Players need to strictly follow all traffic rules and operate the car skillfully.

MOD Version of IDBS Bus Simulator APK

  • Unlimited money

IDBS Bus Simulator MOD APK will be a game that brings an interesting experience for you as a bus driver in Indonesia. Helps you improve your safe driving skills and practice a high sense of responsibility.


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