Download Horrorfield MOD (Hack Map) + APK 1.4.6

Download Horrorfield MOD (Hack Map) + APK 1.4.6
Name Horrorfield
Publisher Inc.Skytec Games
Latest Version 1.4.6
Genre Action
Size 121M
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Hack map
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Surely you have seen horror movies about a group of people coming to a deserted, ghostly and scary village. In that village, there will be a murderer who is always lurking and waiting for the opportunity to kill everyone who dares to come to his place. A motif that is too familiar but never outdated in the horror world. But if you are tired of watching movies, try changing the wind with a game with similar content called Horrorfield MOD APK.

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Download Horrorfield Mod – Explore Abandoned Village

In Horrorfield, a group of adventurers arrive at an abandoned village. They did not know that the desert of this village came from a mad murderer. He is always lurking and has a weapon ready in his hand with a single thought that is to kill everyone who appears in his sight. The mission of this group of explorers is to explore the village, find the necessary items and survive all stages of the game.

How to play Horrorfield

Horrorfield is a game with unique gameplay when you have full control over the choice to be a member of the expedition team or become a murderer. So do you choose to be the hunter or the hunted?

A member of an expedition

If you choose to be part of the expedition party like most other players, you will have to suppress your fear and survive until the end of the game. This expedition group will have 4 members, each member will have different abilities such as someone who knows how to repair machines, who is a nurse to treat injuries, …

Horrorfield mod

However, not only these 4 characters, you will have 7 character choices with different abilities and looks. No one character is particularly important, each one can bring its own benefits to the whole party. But regardless of the character, what you need to do is coordinate the characters together to perform missions, find items and survive.

Becoming a mad killer

If you do not like the feeling of fear and horror when you have to become a fugitive, you can try the crazy feeling of the killer in this game. The feeling of being a murderer will also bring you many very interesting experiences. You will not have to worry about being chased or attacked by people in the expedition group. What you need to do is go find survivors and kill them. One caveat is that when you are near the people in the expedition party, you will see green footprints indicating that they have just passed. Follow that footprint and find the survivors.

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Remember you are a mad killer, and madmen are never kind. You will have to act mercilessly, attacking your victims many times until they are completely out of breath. If you attack and the victim is still not dead, other members may come to the rescue of your teammates. Then you will have to spend time chasing and shooting again. But your time is limited, so don’t let such things happen.

Experience the horror with many people

A special feature of this game is that you can play the game online with many people. You won’t be alone to experience the horror at Horrorfield. Or if you are a murderer, you will have the feeling of hunting real people, not just computer-controlled characters. The total number of slots in the game is 5 people including the killer. So you can invite 4 more people to join you. This will be a new horror experience for you to enjoy with your friends. Or if you want to play with strangers, it’s also very interesting.

download Horrorfield hack

Designed enough to bring horror into every moment of gameplay

Horrorfield’s graphics are not overrated in terms of quality and sharpness. However, that is enough to make the player feel the creepy feeling of the game. But rather, perhaps graphics like this are suitable for the feeling of death and fear in the game. Especially the bloody scenes between the ancient village space with the weak lights typical of horror stories.

MOD Version of Horrorfield APK

  • Hack map
  • Unlimited money

The thrill, the feeling of horror is what you will experience when playing Horrorfield. Not just a horror game, you will need to have good coordination with teammates to escape or have the killing frenzy of a psychotic killer. This feeling of both thrill and excitement can only be found in Horrorfield. So let’s get together with relatives, friends or strangers that you don’t know to transform into game characters and spend the most terrifying hours in Horrorfield MOD APK.


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