Download Horror Show MOD (Free Shopping) + APK 1.01

Download Horror Show MOD (Free Shopping) + APK 1.01
Name Horror Show
Publisher Azur Interactive Games Limited
Latest Version 1.01
Genre Action
Size 132M
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Free shopping
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Horror Show MOD APK is a new horror game built similar to a “mortal game”. The horror begins when you officially experience the game. In the dark, horror and murder scene, are you capable enough to protect your own life?

Horror Show mod

Download Horror Show Mod – Survival Challenge in Horror

The trial version of Horror Show launched immediately, attracting great attention from the player community. Therefore, when the official version was released, it achieved many remarkable achievements. True horror game, the horror, the thrill in each game screen makes players satisfied. The game by Azur Interactive Games has a simple plot. The game is set in an abandoned farm with the adventures of 4 friends. This summer vacation will be the most horrible time for friends. Because they don’t know that this is where terrible things await. The darkness enveloped, the surrounding was quiet and the cold-blooded psycho killer was waiting inside.

Special gameplay

Horror game survival style, built in the direction of “life and death game” has many. However, Horror Show is truly a masterpiece that fully shows the nature of these genres. Suspense, drama and horror, from the context to the characters, the mission will make you “hairs on the back of your neck”. In the game, you can choose 2 roles to experience. It could be Survival or Maniac. Each role will have its own duties and activities. As a survivor, you need to do everything to save your own life as well as rescue others. In contrast, as Maniac, you will have to find people alive and finish them off.

Horror Show hack

Become a hunter or a prey, you can only choose one of these 2 roles. If you are prey, you need to have a “steel spirit” and good survival instincts. Because in this position, fear will overwhelm everything, it makes you want to fall as soon as the game begins. If in the position of the hunter, you own the game. Search for weapons, hunt down survivors, capture them and end the lives of intruders. In addition, as Mainac, you can build your own gameplay to create the most terrifying murder. Horror Show lets you choose 1 of 3 assassins. Each assassin will have his own way of killing people as well as a special weapon.

Character system

Horror Show lets you choose the characters available as soon as you enter the game. After completing the mission, you will unlock many new characters. Each character has a unique skill and power. Choosing the right character you can successfully escape. In addition, when there are bonuses, you can upgrade them to increase survival. With increased movement speed, you can escape from the horror hunt. Or vice versa, you will chase your prey faster.

The control mechanism is easy to get used to

This is a mobile game for mobile, so the control mechanism is designed towards minimalism. Function buttons, navigation are clearly distributed on the screen for players to easily manipulate. To move the character, you use the D-pad button. To perform other actions, simply use specific icons.

loadHorror Show mod

You just need to move the character to each area on the map. When approaching the item, the in-game action button will appear automatically. For example, choosing the role of prey, the buttons to collect items, heal will appear on the screen. If you are a hunter, you will see an attack button. As can be seen, the game only requires you to move. Other activities will be performed automatically as soon as the player has the ability. Even so, the challenge is still not reduced by the limit of time and health. The deadly game will make you live in panic, terror if you don’t have the courage and good tactical thinking.

The graphics are true horror

Horror Show has a dark color with a horror background. What does an abandoned warehouse look like at night?Experience the game, you will feel the horror and sensation that this game brings. The furniture was dusted, the surroundings were eerily silent. The weak light makes the space even more terrifying. Not only that, the game also adds color effects with bloody scenes and cold screams. It is the visual elements and violent actions in the game that make Horror Show an age-restricted game.

mod Horror Show

MOD Version of Horror Show APK

  • Free Shopping

If you want to play a good horror game, you should try Horror Show right away. Unique, attractive and thrilling game to every action. Surely you will feel the moments of suffocation, anxiety and stress in the game. Download Horror Show MOD APK to join this unique horror survival chase now!


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