Download Home Pin – How To Loot? MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 3.7.1

Download Home Pin – How To Loot? MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 3.7.1
Name Home Pin – How To Loot?
Publisher GAMEE
Latest Version 3.7.1
Genre Casual
Size 115M
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
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Home Pin – How To Loot MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is known as the leading new and unique puzzle game in the current puzzle game genre. It must be said that this genre is growing very rapidly in the game market. It gives players exciting but no less intellectual journeys of discovery. Players will be able to conquer challenging questions to train their thinking every day. Let’s learn more about the game Home Pin – How To Loot?in the following article.

mod Home Pin – How To Loot

Download Home Pin – How To Loot?Mod – Exciting puzzle game

Home Pin – How To Loot?released by GAMEE belongs to the new puzzle game genre. This is the journey of solving that story with deep story content and human meaning. Players will play as Edward – the main protagonist in the story. Starting the game, the scene shows the main screen of a ruined house. It is this house that will bring difficulties and dangers to you and your family. Right from the context of Home Pin – How To Loot?made people feel this is not a very good omen. You and your loved ones will have to find a way to adapt to difficult situations and overcome them all. In Home Pin – How To Loot?You will be the person in charge of the role of the breadwinner in the family becoming a hero to protect everyone.

Home Pin – How To Loot?What are the outstanding features?


In fact, the rules of play in Home Pin – How To Loot are nothing too new and special compared to other puzzle games. You just need to observe and link the facts together to figure out how to move the object. When you find the crux of the problem, you will complete the level quickly.

download Home Pin – How To Loot mod

Challenges in the game will come from different situations. There are game screens that will give you a sense of irony, funny. But there is a game screen that will make you “brain strain” not to think. But don’t worry too much about that, your main task is to focus on solving the problem. Home Pin – How To Loot?will always give players a sense of taste and desire to conquer. Players can experience the reality when starting to play each level.

Search, unlock items

Home Pin – How To Loot?hides a huge treasure trove of valuable items for players to find and unlock. You can see every challenge in Home Pin – How To Loot?It’s a problem that you need to find a solution to. When you answer correctly, you will be given the same items as the winner’s reward. The items that players receive every time they answer correctly will greatly support gamers during the game. So owning many items is seen as an advantage that you can take advantage of. Game Home Pin – How To Loot?Always appreciated by gamers for the variety of item systems as well as costumes. The higher the level, the more opportunities you have to explore everything, every corner of the game.

Build your dream house

In addition to focusing on solving puzzles, when playing Home Pin – How To Loot? You also have the opportunity to interact, design or redecorate the house. Players need to conduct different activities to change their old house.

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The money collected each time you defeat the bad guys and the dangers will be the tools to help the player rebuild the house. There will certainly be many problems that will hinder your work. It is not easy to build and rebuild an architecture that is very messy. Players can choose to unlock more new rooms to expand the space used for their family. It will be a long way for you to complete the dream home for your extended family.

Provides hundreds of levels in the game

Home Pin – How To Loot?is known by many as the game with an unbelievable number of outstanding levels. This is the element that helps give players a sense of infinity. No matter what level it is, it only revolves around the pins. However, the publisher creates countless tough challenges that make players think hard. Just one small mistake of yours will cause your family to suffer unpredictable consequences. Each level in the game will be the choice to represent the scene of life and death.

Home Pin – How To Loot hack

Home Pin – How To Loot? is one of the games with the best graphics and background sound in the puzzle game genre. Everything that happens in the game is clearly shown on the screen. Therefore, you can play this puzzle game with your family and friends in your spare time.

MOD version of Home Pin – How To Loot?APK

  • Unlimited Money

Above is the basic information about the game Home Pin – How To Loot?mod full money. Quickly download to experience this exciting puzzle game.


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