Download Hero Age MOD + APK 3.3.3 (Disable Enemy)

Download Hero Age MOD + APK 3.3.3 (Disable Enemy)
Name Hero Age
Latest Version 3.3.3
Genre Role Playing
Size 55 Mb
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Disable the enemy
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Hero Age is loved by many gamers because it exploits familiar themes in a new style. With this game, you will have the opportunity to become a hero with outstanding strength and ability. The player’s task is to pass through the gates by fighting monsters. After each level, you will discover more interesting things. Download Hero Age mod to have the best chance of completing the mission.

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Download Hero Age mod – Play as a hero to fight monsters

The role-playing game series has many hit games for players to experience. Basically, their plot is not much different. What makes the game successful lies in the gameplay, the mission system as well as the features. If you want to “change the wind”, try an interesting role-playing game with its own color, you should not miss Gnik Box’s Hero Age game. A chaotic world with the confrontation of two factions. As a hero, you need to stand up to fight, resist the attack of dangerous monsters, and protect the peace of the world.

Familiar gameplay

The appearance of monsters broke the peaceful life. Danger spreads everywhere, people are standing at the thin line between life and death. Monsters with a large force marched into every street, every corner, every house. As a hero, you will begin the journey to fight, protect the peace of the world. The game provides players with a variety of weapons and equipment systems. Along with that are the special skills of each hero character. Hero Age has many characters for players to experience. Each hero has its own skill and strength table. Knowing how to exploit each person’s strengths, combining flexible tactics is the key to helping you overcome all obstacles. Chasing monsters out of the peaceful land is the most important task. To do this, gamers need to understand the control system that the game designed. Basically, the operations are extremely simple. The screen has built-in buttons for you to move the character. Go to every location on the map, use skills to defeat all enemies.

Diverse character system

Hero Age is highly appreciated for its character line. Gamers can experience many characters with different strengths and skill tables. The common point of all heroes is impressive visuals and great attack ability. In particular, every character in the game is built based on the model in the hit novels. This promises to bring a realistic, exciting experience to players. You can choose a knight, a swordsman or try your hand at being a mage or archer. Each character class has its own skills and weapons. Choose a magician, you will fight with extremely powerful magic. In the role of an archer, a companion weapon along the way is a bow and arrow. The archer’s strong point is the ability to destroy monsters from long range. In contrast, for a Swordsman, close combat is his forte. It can be seen that, to win in Hero Age, it is extremely important to exploit the strengths of each character line. In each level, consider choosing the right character. This will make it easier for you to get through the door.

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Equip the hero’s combat weapon

Not only the variety of characters, but the weapon system in Hero Age is also extremely impressive. In the game, you will discover many different weapons with eye-catching shapes and formidable power. The battle for survival is indispensable with the support of weapons and powerful equipment such as swords, bows, items, armor, …. Heroes are equipped with weapons that match the skills they own.. Difficulty increases with each level. Therefore, the character’s strength also needs to be leveled up. To do this, you need to buy more items, equip the character with the best items. Of course, if you want to shop, you need to win, work hard to earn gold coins.

Large map

In Hero Age, you will be set foot in many different lands. Large map with many areas for players to participate in combat. Each area will have a different type and amount of monsters. Enemy strength varies from place to place. Going from easy to difficult, from favorable areas to complex terrain. Danger is something that always exists, safety depends on yourself. So, fight wisely, raise your strength to win against all obstacles.

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Beautiful graphics

Graphics in Hero Age are also highly appreciated. Impressive character design with lovely cartoon style. Bright colors, diverse backgrounds, each land has its own specific details. This brings freshness, avoiding boredom for gamers. In general, the image of the game is towards simplicity but without losing the interesting and entertaining elements.

Hero Age APK MOD Version

  • Unlimited money
  • Neutralize the enemy

The fascinating battle against monsters in Hero Age is waiting for players to discover. With a diverse character system, choose for yourself a suitable hero. Use skills and personal tactical thinking to overcome all levels. Download Hero Age mod now to start a challenging journey in this exciting game!


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