Download Hello Neighbor MOD (Full Unlocked) + APK 1.0 b481

Download Hello Neighbor MOD (Full Unlocked) + APK 1.0 b481
Name Hello Neighbor
Publisher tinyBuild
Latest Version 1.0 b481
Genre Adventure, Horror
Size 127 Mb
Requires Android 6.0 trở lên
MOD Full Unlock
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Hello Neighbor, just hearing the name of the game, surely everyone thinks this is an entertaining and colorful game full of fun and novelty. However, the content that the game provides is completely different.“Hello neighbor” seems to be very friendly and close, but no, this is officially a horror game with many “grilling” details. Are you ready to “get to know” your strange new neighbor in Hello Neighbor MOD APK?

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Download Hello Neighbor Mod – Strange Neighbor

If you have a weak heart, the advice for you is to learn carefully before deciding to experience this game. Although TinyBuild’s Hello Neighbor is an adventure game, what it brings is extremely strange. Behind the beautiful, colorful background are horror details. Break into your new neighbor’s house for yourself and see what it really is!

Simple plot

Your daily life passes peacefully, smoothly but somewhat boringly. One day, next to your house there is a new neighbor. It was a strange man. From the moment you meet him for the first time, you feel something mysterious about him. You are more certain of this when every night you hear strange noises coming from his house. There’s definitely something wrong in the basement. Maybe it was a terrible secret he was hiding. Out of curiosity, wanting to find out what that basement really is. You decide to break into that house, go down to the basement to see what’s going on. Starting from here, you will witness a lot of horror episodes. The hit game released on PC and Xbox One is now available on two application markets Google Play and App Store. Let’s discover the mysteries in the basement of the weird neighbor right now.

Hello Neighbor mod

Strange neighbor

Realizing the strangeness in your new neighbor, you were determined to find out what you found “wrong”. Curiosity helps us to learn and discover many new things. However, in some cases, curiosity will put you in a dangerous situation. For example, the main character in Hello Neighbor. Your task in the game is to break into the old neighbor’s house and find out what is really going on. In this process, you need to act stealthily. If you let him find out about your existence in this house, I don’t know what terrible things will happen. The strange neighbor in the game is controlled by AI. Therefore, he has good reflexes and impressive information storage capacity. If you can break in through the window, next time he will prevent it by closing more boards to reinforce. After each time he detects someone breaking into his house, he will find out how you got in and increase security immediately. This means that the next challenge will be more difficult than the previous one. And you need to think of ways to complete your task.

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Distract the opponent

All your actions in Hello Neighbor take place in silence. Therefore, to ensure your safety, you need to make use of every space as well as existing objects in the house. Interacting with these items will help you avoid the “camera” eyes of the old neighbor. In the house there are many hiding places, in an urgent situation, you can hide in secret places so that he can’t find out. However, the places you hid in the previous time will not be safe the next time. Therefore, you should not repeat the actions you have done before. The old neighbor looks stupid, but he has a smart head and is extremely cunning. Besides hiding, staying safe, you also need to solve some puzzles to pass the screen.

Escape from the house

Don’t forget, Hello Neighbor is a game containing horror elements. Therefore, do not let everything peaceful in front of you fool you. The whole game is divided into 3 scenes, each scene has unique details for you. In scenes 1 and 3, your mission is very simple. Just find a way to break into the old neighbor’s house and find out what mystery this place is hiding. When changing scene 2, you will have to find a way out of this monstrous place to avoid being caught by him. Imagine if you fell into the hands of this mysterious man in his own house. You feel creepy just thinking about it, don’t you?

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Special Graphics

Horror adventure games are often associated with gloomy graphics and mourning. However, Hello Neighbor is completely different. The graphic element is a unique point that makes this game a great attraction for players. Although the content contains horror elements, the images are full of bright colors. Do not be subjective with the cute and lovely details that the game builds. Experience the feeling of breaking in and find out what goes on inside the house. With the episodes and the dramatic, sudden music, there are sure to be times when you feel your heart skip a beat.

MOD version of Hello Neighbor APK

  • Full Unlock

Horror game but not gloomy, bloody and killing, that is the impressive point of Hello Neighbor. Not a friendly neighbor, but an old man with many mysteries. Break into the house he lives in and find out what’s going on. Download Hello Neighbor MOD APK to experience it right away.


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