Download Head Ball 2 MOD + APK 1,260 (Menu/Easy Victory)

Download Head Ball 2 MOD + APK 1,260 (Menu/Easy Victory)
Name Head Ball 2
Publisher Masomo Gaming
Latest Version 1.260
Genre Sports
Size 139 Mb
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Menu/Easy Win
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Download Hack Head Ball 2 MOD APK (Menu, Win easily) You will transform into great strikers, with skills to control and put the ball into the opponent’s goal. If you still dream of once setting foot in professional tournaments, then definitely not to miss Head Ball 2.

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Download Head Ball 2 mod – Become a football superstar

Football has always been the most popular sport on the planet. Although the football-themed mobile game is no longer strange, Head Ball 2 still receives a lot of love. The game gives you the excitement of controlling the ball and scoring goals yourself. Exciting atmosphere, simple but fun rules, Head Ball 2 is a great choice.

Unique ball control

In the past, when it came to football, people immediately thought of players with quick and strong legs, skillfully leading the ball into the goal. But Head Ball 2 is different. Instead of using feet, the game requires players to use their heads to score goals, true to the name “Head Ball”, ie walking the ball with the head. When the ball begins to move, you must quickly control the character to catch the ball, then continue to head to advance to approach the opponent’s goal. You can press the up arrow to run fast to contact the ball, or the down arrow to run backwards. Catch the ball immediately, don’t give the opponent any chance to approach and score as many goals as possible.

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Dramatic 1-1 fighting game

With a regular football match, each team will have 11 players participating in the competition. Head Ball 2 is different, each side will have only one player. You have to face the opponent’s warrior directly, the person who scores the most goals will win. It is this one-to-one fighting style that has created a strong attraction for this game. It will no longer be like a beautiful combination ball, no more teammates to support, now everything will be arranged and decided by you. You have to win the ball yourself, dribble, create and score goals yourself. Stable performance, good competition will help you become a high-class player, admired by fans and have the opportunity to participate in more professional football tournaments.

Funny and lovely game interface

When other games have gradually become boring with the traditional design, Head Ball 2 successfully impresses by the somewhat funny image. Using chibi drawing style, football players become more adorable than ever. Because the head is used to control the ball, the head is designed to be larger, looking very funny. Around the field are thousands of excited spectators. Besides, the game also uses funny sounds to increase the excitement when playing. Accompanying each ball phase is the vibrant sound of music and people’s cheers, as if you were playing a top football match in real life.

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Freely choose characters

In Head Ball 2, there are currently 125 characters who are famous players for you to choose. You are allowed to freely choose your favorite player as the main character. However, not all characters are available. The more goals you score, the more opportunities you will have to unlock other characters, expand the list of players for yourself. The game is interesting in that, each character possesses extremely unique skills, such as the ability to accelerate, freeze activities, increase body size, etc. These super powers make the game more interesting.more unique. In addition, you can equip yourself with additional features as well as appearance, buy more items to keep your character strong, stay in shape to compete better.

Head Ball 2 MOD APK Version

  • Menu
  • Easily won

Head Ball 2 is a great game for those who are still wondering which game to choose for entertainment purposes. With simple but interesting gameplay, the lovely interface gives you moments of relaxation. Download Head Ball 2 mod to complete the matches easily.


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