Download HAWK MOD (Menu, Damage Multiplier) + APK 38.1.28249

Download HAWK MOD (Menu, Damage Multiplier) + APK 38.1.28249
Publisher B.V
Latest Version 38.1.28249
Genre Casual
Size 352 Mb
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Menu, damage multiplier
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Shooting games have always been a genre that attracts a lot of players. Simply because it brings a feeling of comfort, refreshment and helps people relieve stress very well. If you want to challenge yourself with a shooting game with increasing difficulty, then try the HAWK mod (Menu, damage multiplier). Joining this game, you will have the opportunity to use the most advanced aircraft to confront hordes of fierce enemies.

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Download HAWK Mod – Experience the feeling of overwhelming bullets

HAWK is a shooting game published by B. V. This game is considered by many to have a gameplay similar to Chicken Invaders. However, the enemies you face in HAWK are many times more dangerous and powerful. They also possess state-of-the-art, modern weapons and have strong combat power with bullets and other “items”. The battles between the two factions will take place in the air. Therefore, to defeat them you need to know how to control your plane. Players will use one finger to touch the screen and move to the sides or forward, backward depending on the case. Your plane will follow the finger closely. Because of the rain of bullets and the dense attacks of the enemy, players need to react quickly to control the aircraft skillfully to avoid the bullets. If hit by an attack, your mana bar will decrease gradually. So move smoothly, as skillfully as possible so as not to get hit by enemy bullets. In particular, players need to build themselves the strongest battle squad to defeat all enemies.

Special features that help HAWK attract all gamers

Destroy the air invaders

Behind the fierce battles in the HAWK game are the stories of the beautiful country of Verdia. The peaceful country suddenly had an Autocrat space force come to occupy.

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Joining this game, the player will play the role of a royal hero. Take on a mission with your comrades to engage in brutal battles with Autocrat’s armies and bring victory to drive them out of your country.

Defeat the Giant Boss

The challenge for players in the game HAWK spans 190 levels. To save the country in danger, players need to overcome all challenges. The difficulty of the challenge will be increased gradually with each level. At the end of each level, there will always be a giant Boss waiting for the player. After defeating eight minions, a giant Boss will appear with an extremely large size. They look like giant fortresses that can fly. The boss at the end of each level has very strong attack power. Moreover, it can use many weapons at the same time to attack us.

Upgrade your plane

The difficulty of each level will increase gradually which also means you have to upgrade and equip more weapons for your fighter. An aircraft can upgrade many different functions. Parameters such as damage, strength, endurance, etc. are all very important. Therefore, you need to focus on helping the aircraft increase its combat and defense capabilities.

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In addition, the number of aircraft in the HAWK game is quite large. So in addition to the main aircraft available for you to use. There are still many other planes that are locked. These are capable of fighting as strong and superior as the ones you have. So use money to unlock them and choose for yourself the most powerful fighter. Players can upgrade their fighters while playing. When you kill a lucky enemy, there will usually be an upgrade item that drops. These items also have the effect of increasing the power of the aircraft. Some typical uses include increasing gun damage, expanding the firing range or creating a shield for the aircraft. For that reason, you should take advantage of collecting items, don’t be so absorbed in shooting and dodging bullets that you forget about them.

Fight with teammates

The HAWK game also provides players with a co-op mode. Allows you to join the battle with new teammates. If you already have a group of friends, invite them in to join the mode. And if your teammates are busy, don’t worry because the game also has a random team match feature.

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When playing in co-op mode, all team members will appear on the same screen. Then the whole team will fight the enemy as in single battles. This is sure to be an enjoyable experience for every player.

MOD version of HAWK APK

  • Menu
  • Damage Multiplier
  • Unlimited money

The HAWK MOD APK game will take you through a series of challenges against especially dangerous enemies. Prepare yourself in advance with the skills to control the plane and train your reflexes to win and save the beautiful country of Verdia.


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