Download Haunted Dorm MOD (Unlimited Gold, Coins) + APK 1.0.5

Download Haunted Dorm MOD (Unlimited Gold, Coins) + APK 1.0.5
Name Haunted Dorm
Publisher Mihuan
Latest Version 1.0.5
Genre Horror
Size 72 Mb
Requires Android 7.0 trở lên
MOD Unlimited Gold, Coins
Get it On Google Play

Strategy-themed games always bring a special attraction to players. Haunted Dorm MOD APK (Unlimited Gold, Coins) is no exception. The game has always been warmly received by a large number of players since its launch. Although Haunted Dorm has a simple gameplay, to be able to win it requires you to have your own special skills. Are players confident in the skills they have? Are you ready to overcome the scary challenges with ghosts?Download now Haunted Dorm mod if you are ready.

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Download Haunted Dorm Mod – The War against Ghosts

Haunted Dorm is released by Mihuan – a famous game maker. Not beyond expectations, Haunted Dorm received countless positive feedback from players. As a horror tower defense game, however, Haunted Dorm has special features that are different from normal strategy games. You will be transported to a new world – participate in the war against the ghosts.


Haunted Dorm is also known as a tower defense horror game. Or to understand it roughly, this is an online game with multiplayer mode. Players and other gamers will live in the same building. Where there is a ghost ready to attack you.

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In order not to be distracted and be attacked by ghosts. All players should do their best to defend. Continuously build strong shielding and defense systems. To create a stronghold to protect their own safety.

How to play

The task for the player is not necessarily too difficult. You need to build a small fortress for safety. However, choose a hard-to-find, hard-to-reach location so it can’t get past the security you’ve built up. To earn more money, you need to put your character to sleep, deep sleep and sleep lasting for many hours. Because the longer the character sleeps, the more money you get. This amount will bring you many benefits. Players can upgrade and build more better ghost blocking systems. At the same time, upgrade the doors to increase the strength of the buildings more solid. Use the money you earn, do your best for your upcoming fight.

Building a base

Starting to participate in the game, the player’s base is just an empty room with gloomy colors. Therefore, in order not to be attacked by surprise, players need to earn money and build utilities. Enthusiastically participating in the minigames will also make you huge money.

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However, initially when the amount of money is limited, you should only build on the amount of money you have. Then, once you’ve earned more budget, you can move on to bigger projects. Although it costs a large fee, large and solid constructions will help you block the way of ghosts. Just build enough, then gradually expand the base. Gradually players will have more advantages for themselves.from dark corridors and rooms. Thanks to the effort you can block and destroy the ghosts that want to get close.

Tasks for players

A big plus for Haunted Dorm is its simple and economical design. However, it still brings a sense of drama and horror to each player. From simple and dark images, awakened the anxiety in everyone’s subconscious. The image of a ghost can capture you when you feel scared and nervous. Because just being careless and subjective, the ghost can suddenly burst into your empty room at any time.

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Haunted Dorm asks for nothing but safety and survival. Players are allowed to do everything to be able to survive long. You only have two choices: life and death. Their boundaries are very clear, so if you win, the ghost will be killed. But if you fail, you have already imagined how you will end up, right?

Simple and gloomy 2D graphics

The graphics in the game are very simple. Many players also think that the manufacturer does not pay too much attention to the image of the game. But it is this simplicity that makes many people curious and experience. Besides the 3D games with new colors, the Haunted Dorm game brings its own special features. It is typical for a black sheep family but can also draw players to the test. That’s why we can see, the traditional gameplay is simple but attractive and brings good effects. Many gamers couldn’t stop playing once started the first challenge. More than just a stable look. Haunted Dorm also brings many new and unique experiences so that players do not feel bored during the escape. Even amateur gamers can start from the challenges of this game.

MOD Version of Haunted Dorm APK

  • Infinite Gold
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Menu

With outstanding advantages in gameplay, Haunted Dorm is a tower defense game that should be played on mobile. Is a gamer who loves horror and horror games. Then this is a unique game that you should not miss. Download hack Haunted Dorm mod, confront ghosts and build a strong base from your primitive room.


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