Download Hair Challenge MOD (Unlimited Diamonds) + APK 8.5.6

Download Hair Challenge MOD (Unlimited Diamonds) + APK 8.5.6
Name Hair Challenge
Publisher Rollic Games
Latest Version 8.5.6
Genre Action
Size 124 Mb
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Unlimited Diamonds
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If you want to own a beautiful hair or you are tired of running games without purpose. Then Hair Challenge MOD APK is the game that you should not miss. This entertaining game is a journey to nurture and maintain a girl’s long, silky hair and have to go through many challenges. Let’s find out the Hair Challenge game in the article below!

downloadHair Challenge mod

Download Hair Challenge Mod – Experience owning long smooth hair

Right from its name Hair Challenge has shown players that this is a game related to hair. Specifically the length of the main character’s hair. The game is a journey to keep long hair, prevent bad effects on a girl’s hair. Players will accompany the girl in the process of nourishing and removing the elements that damage the hair. You must do everything to ensure that your hair is always long and smooth. Hair Challenge is a world for people to practice all their knowledge about hair care. Always strive to have the best and longest hair.

What are the outstanding features of Hair Challenge?

The journey of a girl’s hair care

In Hair Challenge, players will have to accompany a girl on the run. Your task is to help the girl collect new hairs on the way. Each time a new hair is collected, the length of the girl’s hair will increase. Moreover, her style will also change during the hair changes. Players face a lot of difficulties ahead to complete the mission. The girl’s hair will change color according to the hair you just got. Hair Challenge even helps you get hair in all different colors. Therefore, you control the girl to conquer all the hair icons along the way to create new hairstyles.

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Whether in the game or in real life, growing a long hair is not easy. In real life, to have a smooth hair and change the style as desired, one must use many chemicals to achieve. In Hair Challenge, too, you need to overcome the obstacles that appear on the running track. The more hairs the player collects, the higher the score the player will get.

Singling with a beautiful girl

The main character in the game Hair Challenge is a beautiful girl with personality. What you need to do is control her to move to collect items by touching the screen to start the journey. When you touch the screen for the 2nd time, the girl will stop when encountering an obstacle. The way to play the game is not too difficult, nor does it have the ability to hack the player’s brain, which is very suitable to help you relieve stress. At the same time, you have to change the girl so that every time she appears she becomes the most prominent. Conspicuously, the player in the game Hair Challenge will have the role of a real stylist to help the girl adjust the appearance to her liking. Moreover, it is also possible to choose additional pages and accessories to help the character.

Dangerous road of trial

On the way to collect hair, players will have to face many dangerous challenges. There are many sharp saw blades in a row appearing to cut your hair at any time. In addition to these sharp saw blades, the game also equips many cutters distributed along the way. So, you should observe closely and wait for the right moment to step over.

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The Hair Challenge game is likened by many to an obstacle race. The farther the player can travel and get more hair, the higher the score will be. But just a small carelessness, the girl’s hair will not be intact as before. Using your talents and efforts skillfully will bring you safely to the finish line to measure the length of your hair. The higher the level, the more dangerous the difficulty of the game.

Four exciting game modes

Although the gameplay is extremely simple, Hair Challenge still creates a special attraction for the gaming community. Four exciting game modes for players include: Noob, Pro, Hacker, and Good. The game will be started from easy to difficult for players to experience the thrill of the game. If it feels too simple, switch to enjoy the levels in Hacker and Pro mode to conquer the ultimate journey. Choose your favorite hair colors to create countless other hairstyles. Make the most of your ability to collect the hair you like and complete all the levels.

MOD Version of Hair Challenge APK

  • Infinite Diamonds

Go through the obstacles and start an exciting adventure with the game Hair Challenge. Determined with the main character to conquer long silky hair and achieve excellent results on the track. Download Hair Challenge diamond mod now to experience the most attractive hair growth challenge ever.


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