Download Hacking Stars MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 2.45.0

Download Hacking Stars MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 2.45.0
Name Ngôi Sao Lấp Lánh
Publisher MuuGame
Latest Version 2.45.0
Genre Role Playing
Size 127 Mb
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
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Download Hacking Sparkling Star MOD APK is more searched after finishing the high school exam in 2022. The name Ngon Nhat Tri – “short-lived husband” 185 billion has covered all fronts. On social networks, Ngon Nhat Tri is mentioned a lot, especially teenage girls. Because of that, this character is searched a lot, accidentally pushing MuuGame’s game to the top of the search. Because in fact, this is a “fictional” character, appearing in the game Sparkling Star.

Sparkling Star mod

Download Sparkling Stars Mod – Explore the lives of celebrities

Game Sparkling Stars is a role-playing game with showbiz themes. Becoming a celebrity who has lost memories, you will gradually find the truth of what happened on the “fated” New Year’s Eve through the game’s activities. Waking up after 5 years, everything gradually becomes ambiguous, behind are hidden secrets. Setting foot in the entertainment industry, you will have to participate in activities, events, show the peak of your beauty as well as your acting ability. The game is exploited in the direction of fashion, love and life, bringing many interesting experiences for players. Through the process of working, you can show your fashion sense as well as learn and date other famous people. After naming your character, start planning your important mission. The plot is gradually opened by completing the requirements in the game.

Interesting quest

The gameplay that combines many genres of Sparkling Star promises you to experience the “star” life to the fullest. There are many quests you need to complete through special forms. The task throughout the game is to learn the plot. You need to pass the story level to know what happened many years ago. Completing will string important episodes and receive experience and energy.In addition, you can also show your fashion style as well as your taste in the game. Through events and parties, let everyone see your peak beauty. Win at beauty contests, you will receive worthy rewards. Choose gorgeous, eye-catching costumes, impressive makeup to become the focus of all activities.

2D Graphics

The images in the game make players think of love movies. The characters are all in the form of “tilting the water into the city”, the heroic male character, the charming and beautiful female character that moves people. Anime-style design makes players feel more interesting. The life of celebrities is filled with glory, beauty and money. Thanks to the graphics and sound, Twinkling Star has successfully portrayed the lives of idols.

Sparkle Star hack

The sound is gentle, melodious, at times bursting with energy. This creates a feeling of comfort, relaxation, and increases the attractiveness of the game screen. In particular, at the PK battles of intelligence and beauty, you will find that you also clearly feel the same thrill as the character.

MOD Version of Sparkling Star APK

  • Unlimited money

Experience Twinkling Stars to meet Ngon Nhat Tri and become a famous character in this exciting virtual idol world. Can you do the job of a famous, sought-after person?Put yourself in that position, you will get the most authentic feeling. Download Sparkling Stars MOD APK to relax with attractive and talented activities in the game right now!


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