Download Hack Tan O Long Institute MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 0.1.2

Download Hack Tan O Long Institute MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 0.1.2
Name Tân Ô Long Viện
Publisher SOHAGAME
Latest Version 0.1.2
Genre Casual
Size 227 Mb
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
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The Hack Tan O Long Vien full of diamonds is a new work, adding “spice” to moments of mere entertainment. The hit comedy series associated with the childhood of Vietnamese gamers has now been built into a game. This funny, interesting role-playing game received quite unexpected reviews from players. Soha Games knows how to turn old things, memories of a time into new works and relive beautiful memories of the past. With Tan O Long Institute mod, you will be accompanied by characters at O ​​Long Institute in a completely new way.

Tan OLong Vien mod

Download Tan O Long Institute Mod – Role-playing funny characters

Tan O Long Vien – General card genre inspired by Vietnamese comics has created a fever in the game market. This different idea is the key to success. The vertical screen game with a humorous storyline has become the first choice of many gamers. A lot of activities that seem absurd but when done are extremely interesting. Like a miniature SLG game, you can freely explore this unstable institute thanks to the super convenient hands-free gameplay. Inter-server operation ensures seamlessness and continuity. This helps gamers freely connect and compete with each other in a fair way.

Interesting gameplay

O Long Vien with his “little uncles” who performed comedy through Chinese films has now returned to the modern era in a new style. This time, no more tracking on the screen. Instead, you will play the role of characters living and operating at the O Long Institute. There are many events, funny and interesting tasks for you to perform when participating in this role-playing game. Tan O Long Vien opens a virtual world with familiar faces. Your mission is to collect items, participate in combat and enhance weapons. After choosing your favorite character, you will start doing quests. Fight and win to gain experience and unlock more skills along the way.

Tan O Long Vien hack

The matches in the game take place in many different locations. You need to familiarize yourself with each terrain, strengthen your strength, and upgrade your skills to overcome all challenges. In particular, this comedy game also allows players to change the gender of the character to increase the experience.

Interesting quest system

Tan O Long Vien built a unique mission system with many entertainment activities. For the main missions, you will follow specific levels. In addition, you can also do bonus tasks to earn skill points, speeding up the leveling process. For the boss hunting mission, you will have the opportunity to show your fighting ability as well as gain experience. Boss hunting mode, fighting PK also helps you become stronger thanks to the gift of VIP equipment. All activities such as PvP, PvE or PK help the character to level up, earn loot and improve themselves. If you want to “reach out to the big sea”, you play inter-server.

download Tan O Long Vien mod

Realistic Graphics

Tan O Long Vien with 3D graphics depicting the characters in a very unique style. It is seriousness mixed with a bit of humor in an entertaining way. The background is realistic, the pixels are clear, detailed, the light has contrast, and the display is clear. In addition, the skill combo control system and effects also make the game more unique.

MOD version of Tan O Long Vien APK

  • Unlimited money

Both want to fight intensely, just want to relax, you should experience Tan O Long Vien. Interesting storyline and unique gameplay will not let you down. Download Tan O Long Vien mod to unlock the entire menu and enjoy the special features that this version brings!


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