Download Hack Tầm Long Quyết MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK

Download Hack Tầm Long Quyết MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK
Name Tầm Long Quyết
Publisher VTC Mobile Southern
Latest Version
Genre Action
Size 162 Mb
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
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Download Hack Tầm Long Quyết MOD APK that opens up sect battles with an impressive martial arts system. Fans of swordplay have the opportunity to play the role of a hero on the go, fighting with technical moves. Thanks to the graphics and new features, VTC’s Tam Long Quyet has reached the top of the best new swordplay games worth experiencing this summer.

RangeLong Quyet mod

Download Tầm Long Quyết Mod – Unique 2D swordplay game for mobile

The role-playing game Tầm Long Quyết belongs to the theme of swordplay with the ancient Chinese style of wandering around. Join the game, you will officially step into the Gypsy system with a diverse system of sects and customers. Initially, you need to choose a character according to one of 5 factions. Then start accompanying the character by doing small tasks assigned by the system. There are many activities in Tam Long Quyet for you to experience. Gradually, step by step, from an unknown person to a famous swordsman in the world. Doing the task you will understand how the game works. Each completed mission, you will gain more experience and combat skills. In addition to personal missions, you can also accompany other subjects, participate in battles to conquer the world. PK the whole map, become the strongest person in martial arts.

5 sects in martial arts

Tam Long Quyet has 5 sects with a diverse character system. Each faction will have its own moves and fighting styles. Besides, each specific character will also have its own skills and martial arts system. Therefore, you need to learn the details of the sects. Based on your tactics as well as your fighting ability to choose the right character.

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  • Nhat Nguyet: The school only accepts female disciples. Features a magic system with beautiful, powerful lines.
  • Ma Dong: Ability is an ancient style of dark power. The true power of the disciples of this sect is hidden in the form of a child. Their moves are simple but deal great damage and destructive power.
  • Sword Tong: The main weapon is a sword with a beautiful sword system.
  • Thien Son: Strong in both speed and power. However, this is a sect that only accepts female disciples.
  • Bodhi: There are many similarities with Shaolin because all disciples must be Zen masters. The skills and combat ability are obtained from the lost secret of the Shaolin Temple.

Convergence of martial arts and intense battles

Tam Long Quyet has the theme of fighting for the world with characters from the martial arts world. Therefore, it is certain that the confrontations, the intense competitive battles are indispensable. There are many missions and modes for you to participate in in this swordplay game. It could be a quest to deliver items, special items, or fight the Earth Witches. Each mission will have its own difficulty and challenge. Completing the assigned tasks will give you valuable rewards.

download Tam Long Quyet mod

Battle with many modes and inter-server battlefield to test the real ability of players. Accompany the brothers in the sect, combine strength to defeat the opponent. Do not forget to upgrade skills, equip items to make the character stronger.

MOD version of Tam Long Quyet APK

  • Unlimited money

Become a martial arts hero, wandering with his real ability and bravery in Tam Long Quyet. Choose your favorite character, equip fighting skills, and a powerful martial arts system to overcome all challenges. Download Tam Long Quyet MOD APK to set foot in the Gypsy right now!


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