Download Hack Phượng Hoàng Cẩm Tú MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK

Download Hack Phượng Hoàng Cẩm Tú MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK
Name Phượng Hoàng Cẩm Tú
Latest Version
Genre Role Playing
Size 43M
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
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Hack Phượng Hoàng Cẩm Tú full of diamonds for enthusiasts of the archery genre. The stories of deep secret history, the struggle between the mandarins, concubines, my king, … If the screen attracts viewers to watch day after day, the game allows players to role-play the character and be themselves. Experience life in the palace. In particular, the Phượng Hoàng Cẩm Tú MOD APK version will show you all the hidden corners and thrilling stories of the deep palace.

Phoenix Cam Tu mod

Download Phuong Hoang Cam Tu Mod – A Secret History Story

The theme of archery is loved by many people because it is extremely thrilling and dramatic. The attraction may not come from sword fights, but from the main plots, tricks and plots of the characters in the palace. With Phuong Hoang Cam Tu mod, you will experience “2in1”. It is both an archery and contains a unique fashion element.

Impressive outfits

Characters in the game are designed with great beauty and impressive fashion style. There are hundreds of outfits and thousands of accessories for you to combine. The culture of the Middle Ages is partially reproduced through the setting as well as the character’s fashion style. Western and Eastern cultures combine to create diversity, making the character much more impressive. You were originally a maidservant. With a gift for fashion, you gradually create your own style. Starting Phoenix Cam Tu, you will only transform into a maiden in the room. Over time, it is necessary to manually prepare clothes from changing the color of clothes, upgrading fashion, designing according to your liking… Gradually increasing fashion according to your own styles.

The story of archery

Life in the palace is not easy. This is where people fight, get jealous, use tricks to achieve their goals. The battle of wits in Phoenix Cam Tu is more intense than many long-running dramas. As the main character, you have both beauty and wisdom. Be careful before all events and situations to save your life and honor in the harem. Gradually, from a small palace maiden, you become the head of Tam Cung. When you become a person of power, your work is also more. Every day, you need to take care of the internal management and handle important affairs. Doing these things well, you will have more intelligence, gold coins and charm. Do not forget to participate in great activities in the palace such as Yen Hoi, Listen to Drama, torture prisoners,… The characters that accompany you in Phoenix Cam Tu are divided into 4 basic groups. Each group will have its own stat characteristics. You need a strategy to use people. With soulmates, choose a group that has an important position in the palace. To pass the level in the game, you need to use gifts to gain more sympathy.

Impressive graphics

The lavish and magnificent palace is depicted very clearly in Phoenix Cam Tu. Characters, costumes, and settings are designed not inferior to the archery movies. The characters are so beautiful, the costumes are diverse, gorgeous, shimmering. With vibrant color tones, suitable background music, the game has created a true royal life, making players satisfied.

modified Phoenix Cam Tu

MOD version of Phoenix Cam Tu APK

  • Unlimited money

Phượng Hoàng Cẩm Tú gives you a relaxing feeling like watching a movie. It even creates an opportunity for you to try yourself as a clever and brave woman in the palace. Download Phuong Hoang Cam Tu hack mod to quickly achieve your big goal in the game right now!


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