Download Hack Abbot Online MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.1.6

Download Hack Abbot Online MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.1.6
Name Trụ Trì Online
Publisher Chuchume
Latest Version 1.1.6
Genre Simulation
Size 92,4 Mb
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
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Abbot Online Hack full money APK is a game with new colors with unique content, bringing a different feeling to the experiencer. The game exploits the theme of temple management with a unique job system. Unlike other games, in this game, you become a monk, the abbot of a famous temple. There are many interesting activities as abbot. With Abbot Online mod, you can successfully complete your important mission.

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Download Abbot Online Mod – A talented monk who manages everything

Chuchume’s Abbot Online has the style of a management game. Instead of a business, your task is to build and develop a temple. This is a special job that requires many qualities and skills of the player. In real life you are an ordinary citizen. However, in the game, you will become a monk and force you to do your duty well. Revolving around the management of temples and interesting activities such as turning the charm, receiving monks, … All jobs require good handling ability of the player. From an abandoned temple to a spacious temple, spacious area, crowded with monks. This is a process with the best efforts of the head of management and development thinking.

New storyline

The central management game called Abbot Online has a novel plot with a theme related to Buddhism. The main character in the game is a loyalist who was harmed by crooks, slandered when the army blasphemed, and was executed by the king. Not suffering a tragic and unjust outcome, before the day of his execution, he escaped from prison, fought with the imperial army and fortunately escaped.

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The refuge was a small abandoned shrine. Here, he began to hide his identity, officially becoming a monk. The main goal is to build this place into a big temple, and at the same time work actively to find out the truth about the case he was slandered in the past.

Special simulation gameplay

Becoming a monk, your first task is to restore the abandoned temple. During your time as a monk, you need to manage everything at the temple. From the smallest tasks such as cleaning the temple, feeding the fish to building, expanding, helping the temple become more spacious. All are in the player’s quest system. Your main source of income is the visitors to the temple. Everyone has their own story and problem. Your task is to give them useful advice. In addition to the daily activities on the temple, you also have to go down the mountain, do the charm mission to unlock items and events. When the temple becomes famous, you will have to manage the monks in the temple because the number of people applying to practice is increasing.

Lovely graphics

The space of ancient China is modeled and designed in a lovely cartoon style. From the main character to the supporting characters, the context, everything is done very carefully. The abbot is a monk with big round eyes and a gentle face. The guests have many shades, impressive and eye-catching costumes. The scene in the temple with simple drawings but exudes peace and fresh space. Combined with that are gentle, melodious sounds, suitable for pure places.

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Abbot Online is an interesting entertainment game for you to relax with a new mission system in the game. Managing a restaurant, bakery, or bar makes you feel a bit boring, then try your hand at the role of abbot of a famous temple. Download Abbot Online MOD APK to discover interesting features in the game right now!


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