Download Goose Goose Duck MOD (Full Unlocked) + APK 1.11.01

Download Goose Goose Duck MOD (Full Unlocked) + APK 1.11.01
Name Goose Goose Duck
Publisher Gaggle Studios
Latest Version 1.11.01
Genre Strategy
Size 100 Mb
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Full Unlock
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The strategy game genre has always received special attention from players. Goose Goose Duck MOD APK (Unlocked full) is also one of them. The game belongs to the fun genre, released on phones and computers completely free. Humorous elements are interwoven to bring the most complete experience to players.

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Download Goose Goose Duck Mod – Best Strategy Game

In the list of the most attractive strategy games on the market, the name Goose Goose Duck cannot be ignored. The game has some similarities with Among Us but interweaves more new and interesting details. In particular, this game can be played on both phones and computers. Join Goose Goose Duck, you will be surprised by the main characters in the game are ducks and geese. The challenges are gradually increased in difficulty for players to have the opportunity to experience. The gameplay is not difficult, but it also requires intelligence and ingenuity to overcome.

Goose Goose Duck gameplay

Joining Goose Goose Duck, players are given a choice between two factions of geese and ducks. Each Goose Goose Duck room has a total of 15 people. Accordingly, players can choose to join a community room or an individual game room. The main task of each faction will be different. For the goose faction, participating players need to repair the ship, look for a chance to survive, and vote to eliminate the counterfeiters. The duck faction will do the task of killing the goose faction, preventing this faction’s ship repair process. The duck faction possesses a lot of skills, such as disguise or hiding… When either faction is completely eliminated, the game is over.

download Goose Goose Duck mod

Special Features

What makes Goose Goose Duck highly appreciated and different from Among Us is the system of features. The publisher has cleverly brought a lot of new experiences to players when participating:

  • Assassin Duck: When the player guesses the role of someone in the meeting that person is killed. Otherwise, if you guess wrong, you will lose your life.
  • Birdwatcher Goose: Normal vision restricted feature but can see through walls.
  • Cannibal Duck: To hide the corpse, the player can eat the corpse once per game.
  • Canadian Goose: This is a feature to report a dead body when you have been killed by someone.
  • Dodo: When it’s downvoted, you win.
  • Detective Goose: To determine who was killed or who was killed, the player is allowed to investigate other players once per game.
  • Falcon: Auto-voting feature, the last person alive is the winner.
  • Gravy Goose: Complete the quest, the bonus increases, if someone kills you, that person will get the bounty.
  • Lover Goose/Duck: You and your lover survive last, both will win.
  • Mechanic Goose: This feature allows the player to use the vent.
  • Medium Goose: The ghost will appear at any time in the game.

GooseGoose Duck mod

  • Mimic Goose: With this feature, ducks will mistake the geese as a fellow and won’t attack.
  • Morphling Duck: With this feature, ducks will disguise themselves as other characters to distract.
  • Professional Duck: The geese can’t see you killing, nor can you report a corpse. When near the carcass, the duck automatically reports.
  • Pigeon: Before a player wins, the disease transmission will come into full effect.
  • Sheriff Goose: The player has the right to kill anyone but if you kill a goose, you will die.
  • Snoop Goose: This is a stealth feature, allowing players to hide everywhere without being detected.
  • Spy Duck: When someone is voted out of the game, you’ll know their role.
  • Technician Goose: Vandal detection.
  • Vigilante Goose:Feature that allows you to kill a certain player without any consequences.
  • Vulture: The player has the objective of eating the carcass of a slain goose.

Some other new features of Goose Goose Duck

In addition to the special features above, players also experience many other new features. Such as:

Fashion Features

One of the special features that make the Goose Goose Duck attractive is the fashion feature. After completing the tasks, events, players are multiplied a lot of new costumes. Costumes make the character’s appearance more impressive and new. In addition, players are allowed to recharge to buy more new costumes in the store.

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Map feature

Goose Goose Duck brings a system of 4 different types of maps. These are SS Mother Goose, Nexus Colony, Black Swan and Malland Manor. Each map will own a separate design, according to many different themes. To help escape or chase enemies faster, players can take advantage of elements in the map to solve.

Game Modes

Goose Goose Duck offers 4 different game modes. These are Classic +, Goose Hunt, Duck and Dash and Trick or Treat. The features of these modes are as follows:

  • Classic +: The player has the right to adjust the rules and some special roles.
  • Goose Hunt: A duck is allowed to kill geese within the time allowed and you cannot vote to remove the duck from the ship.
  • Duck and Dash: With this mode, the duck will disguise and kill the goose when the preparation time is over.

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  • Trick or Treat: This is a new game mode where geese turn into civilians and ducks become vampires. The villagers, when bitten, will lose consciousness, frantically attacking the rest.

Game Graphics

Goose Goose Duck is built based on 2D graphics system. Images of geese and ducks appear quite lovely, vivid and sharp. Compared to Among Us, the scenes are much more creative, and at the same time reduce a lot of violent elements that haunt the player.

MOD Version of Goose Goose Duck APK

  • Full Unlock
  • Unlimited money

Goose Goose Duck MOD APK is suitable for many different ages. Each task is designed very scientifically, creatively and interestingly. Thereby, players will not have a feeling of boredom. Goose Goose Duck is a strategy game, fighting but the challenges are interesting, thrilling but not violent. You have the right to attack and destroy enemies quickly, unleash your talent and ingenuity. Do not forget to participate in events to find more valuable items, making the game process more convenient. Good luck to you when participating in this fascinating Goose Goose Duck!


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