Download Gemstone Legends MOD + APK 0.41.435 (Menu, High Damage/Immortal)

Download Gemstone Legends MOD + APK 0.41.435 (Menu, High Damage/Immortal)
Name Gemstone Legends
Publisher Stribog Games
Latest Version 0.41.435
Genre Puzzle
Size 145 Mb
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Menu, High Damage/Immortal
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Gemstone Legends belongs to the genre of puzzle games, published by Stribog Games. The game takes players into a story full of mystery and drama, where you will transform into mighty warriors, using superpowers to protect people from witches, monsters and evil people. Gemstone Legends Mod version at MODPURE with many new features, promises to bring players unforgettable experiences and the opportunity to become the hero of all mankind.

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Download Gemstone Legends mod – Become a superhero legend

Gemstone Legends opens with a gloomy scene. The space covering the whole scene is dark, creepy and deadly. Human lives are constantly at stake, as beasts, witches and enemy armies constantly pressurize, freely roam and wreak havoc. Standing in this context, you transform into superheroes with special powers, standing up to protect human life yourself.

Build an elite army, protect the world

In Gemstone Legends, the mission to protect people and the world will certainly be extremely difficult. You alone will not be able to complete the task, but need support from everyone. Your teammates on the journey are characters of caliber, ability and strength. Thanks to the rhythmic coordination, your army in turn overcomes the challenges, destroys the enemy to protect everyone’s peace. Initially, your army will certainly not have many people. Through countless challenges, you complete missions and meet many new friends. They have the capacity and strength, ready to accompany you to conquer the difficult and dangerous journey ahead. Once possessing a strong and well-coordinated army, all dangers gradually become small and nothing to worry about anymore.

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The plot is both strange and familiar

The beginning of Gemstone Legends is a gloomy, deadly atmosphere that covers everywhere. Wicked monsters and murderers continuously attack, kill people and take over the earth. Before that critical situation, you are assigned a noble responsibility, which is with your strength and wisdom, to fight to repel evil. As a superhero, you possess superpowers and intelligence that surpasses that of ordinary people. The enemy is strong, the monsters are ferocious, ready to take a merciless hand to destroy humans. At any time, players also have to face the fierce fighting atmosphere, superheroes have to fight monsters and have to face powerful armies. This has created an attraction for Gemstone Legends, making players unable to take their eyes off.

Puzzle game and battle for the light

Gemstone Legends is developed in the form of a familiar match-3 puzzle game. The player’s task is to find a way to combine 3 colored blocks together to break the obstacles, lure the monsters into the trap and destroy immediately. With each successful combination of 3 color blocks, you will receive additional bonus points and some rare items. The more quests you complete, the more lands you will regain that were previously sealed by monsters, returning the peace and light that have been hidden for so long to the people here.

Various character and item system

In Gemstone Legends, players experience transforming into superheroes with a mission to destroy monsters. There are many different monster names, each with a different appearance and strength: snake, lion, fire dragon, water monster or witch. They have amazing abilities, ready to attack humans at any time. The monsters and dark forces in Gemstone Legends are not only strong but also very long-lived, very difficult to destroy completely. But once you defeat them, your character will have the opportunity to receive other valuable items. These items are all extremely rare, even with money it is not certain that they can be obtained: strength, revival, immortality, armor, guns and ammo.

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Conquer the last treasure, regain peace for the land

Gemstone Legends is built into a series of challenges. By completing each mission, you have the opportunity to participate in the conquest of huge treasures. Not only bonuses and valuable items, your character will be upgraded to become a warrior with more strength and endurance than before, improving skills to be ready to cope with all the challenges that are coming.waiting at the next door. It’s no wonder that Gemstone Legends is so loved by so many people. Interesting puzzle game, unique storyline, engaging gameplay and diverse character system are what make you not miss this game. Download   Gemstone Legends Mod to your device to experience more realistically about the journey to destroy monsters and protect a peaceful life for everyone.


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