Download Forager MOD (Free to Play, Unlimited Resources) + APK 1.0.13

Download Forager MOD (Free to Play, Unlimited Resources) + APK 1.0.13
Name Forager
Publisher Humble Games
Latest Version 1.0.13
Genre Adventure
Size 130 Mb
Requires Android 4.1 trở lên
MOD Unlimited resources
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What does Forager have that makes many gamers willing to spend $ 7.99 to download?If you just look at the images of the game, you can hardly imagine it. Because indeed, the game design is quite simple, a bit classic and nostalgic. Meanwhile, the surprise lies in the content. The experience process will help you discover many interesting details. There are many unique and novel entertaining missions. With Forager MOD APK, you can play this game completely for free.

Forager mod

Download Forager Mod – Build a dream island

Forager is actually not a new game because in 2019 it was released on PC. Since its release, this game has created a “seismic” because of the great attraction from the game content. The familiar adventure gameplay is exploited in a unique way. Experience the game you will find the game is great in many ways. Simple but attractive, difficult to explain, the more you play, the more fascinated you are, can’t stop the game. After a while, gamers were able to experience Forager on the phone for nearly $ 8. Now, you can completely build the island of your dreams right on your “mobile phone”. Although this amount is not too large, many gamers still “regret”. Therefore, Forager mod is considered the first choice.

Mining and construction

The game belongs to this sandbox genre for players to try their management and construction skills. Your task is to collect resources, use what is mined to build an island of your own. At first, you will face a lot of difficulties because everything starts from the starting line. In your hand right now there is no money, no resources. So, work hard, exploit a variety of resources for the construction on the island to officially start. Paid games like Forager are really “worth the money”. With a gentle, slow rhythm, you can slowly enjoy all the beauty of the game. No noise, no hustle, no rush, do the task in the spirit of relaxation, slowly but surely. There are many more things you will feel during the journey of building the island of your dreams.

download Forager mod

You don’t defy it all just to speed up the construction. Besides daily work, pay attention to the character’s rest time. The health bar clearly shows the current status. If you’re tired, don’t have enough energy, take a break. Do not exceed the tolerance limit to avoid affecting health. With the resources collected, you will create weapons and some equipment to protect yourself. Build your base and defend yourself. These are the two most important tasks in this game.

Discover mysteries

Is an idle game with familiar gameplay, but the attraction of this game is huge. Somehow, the more I play, the better I feel, I want to spend a lot of time wandering in the world that the game creates. Your job in Forager revolves around mining, building, solving puzzles, and discovering mysterious places. Although simple, there will never be an end. Each time you complete a mission, continue to set foot in a new land to explore and conquer. Most of the time in the game will be searching for resources on the island. So this will be an adventure full of surprises for you. After mining, the resource will regenerate. Therefore, you can return to previously mined locations to continue your search. Parallel to the quest of discovery is to protect yourself against monsters. Night is their active time. Be vigilant at this time to keep yourself safe.

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Besides, the game also combines the puzzle genre. Along the way, you will find answers and uncover many mysteries. All tasks are related, logically connected to each other. In addition to the available quests, try to build a plan for your life in the game and start implementing it step by step. With 20 lands, you will definitely find in this game a lot of great things.

2D Graphics

As shared at the beginning, the image is not the strength of this paid game. Don’t judge by looks, because publishers Forager are more focused on content. The small world is designed in a classic style that can pale in comparison to other 3D games. However, the game still conveys everything through detailed images. Explore the world full of colors and vivid sounds created in Forager. I believe that very soon you will feel it strangely attractive.

MOD version of Forager APK

  • Infinite Resources

Want to know if Forager is worth the gamer to spend $ 7.99 or not, you should experience it for yourself. The game has many expensive points, it is worth the player’s time and cost to download. Set foot in this strange land and build an island with your own style and personality. Download Forager MOD APK to your device to experience the game completely for free.


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