Download Flight MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 2.6.36

Download Flight MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 2.6.36
Name Flight
Publisher Ashim Shakya
Latest Version 2.6.36
Genre Simulation
Size 90 Mb
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
Get it On Google Play

Flight MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a latest adventure game developed by game publisher Ashim Shakya. This is a typical role-playing game, in the game you will have the opportunity to transform into different characters, freely explore the interesting things of the surrounding world in a beautiful 3D environment. Are you ready to join these exciting adventures?Let’s explore this game with us!

Flight mod

Download Flight Mod – Flying adventure game enjoy free life

Flight is one of the adventure games on the mobile platform, bringing great experiences in the journey to discover new things. The game is for those who love freedom, are passionate about adventure and discovery, want to freely fly around without having to lock themselves in confined spaces. Flight will allow players to transform into any character they want. You are free to explore all the surrounding landscapes without having to worry about a threat or danger. It’s great, isn’t it?The beautiful landscapes that you pass through can be valleys, old forests, conquering towering snow-capped mountains… All in this extremely attractive Flight game.

Interesting gameplay

The open world in Flight is reproduced very large with many different scenes for you to explore in your own way. First, the player will transform into a crow freely flying in the wide sky without having to worry about encountering hunters or enemies that can eat him. Be confident to conquer new things, because nothing can stop you. Besides the ability to role-play as a crow, you can also explore the context underground by impersonating a monk, or another nature lover. Just by clicking the “Transform” button right on the interface, you can easily transform into new characters.

Flight hack

All you need to do in the game Flight is move around and enjoy the beautiful scenery. This game does not display any mode, does not require the player to do any tasks so that the player does not feel pressured. The publisher released this game with the hope that game players can have great experiences about the outside world. In the future, the game publisher may update more new features for their game, let’s see the change in newer versions!

How to control

Each character in Flight will have a different control. If you choose to play the role of a monk, you will control it with the virtual steering wheel button that appears on the left of the screen interface, along with virtual buttons equivalent to different operations in the upper right corner of the screen interface.. On the contrary, if you choose to play as a crow, the control method will be different. Specifically, you will control it by holding your finger on the main screen to control the direction of the crow’s flight. In particular, the crow will automatically land on any tree branch or the ground when it has flown to a suitable distance.

download Flight mod

Super realistic 3D graphics

Flight brings extremely outstanding and realistic 3D graphics quality in every detail to players. The context has many extremely diverse underground locations for you to explore and admire. It can be cliffs, clear streams or waterfalls,… The beautiful and majestic scenes through each angle bring excitement to the player.>Flight allows you to explore nature on your own with smooth motion, without standing or lag. From the smallest details such as the steam coming out of the waterfall, the dew drops on the leaves are also meticulously and realistically designed. The elements of light, effects or the near and far law in the game are all very well calculated by the game publisher.

Customize weather effects

Weather is one of the important highlights that makes the adventure in Flight more interesting and real. Players can easily customize the weather according to their preferences in the settings: sunshine, rain, thunder, snowfall, wind… You can even change the quality of the graphics, the day-night cycle.. The landscape and colors in the game promise to bring the most vivid and realistic experiences possible.

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MOD version of Flight APK

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlock the plane

Download Flight MOD APK if you are bored with a confined life, love natural landscapes, want to enjoy the freedom to fly in the sky and explore colorful adventures. This is a highly rated entertainment game that can help you relieve all stress effectively. Do not hesitate any longer without trying it out right away, you won’t regret it.


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