Download FGB Operators MOD (Unlocked) + APK 1.2.1

Download FGB Operators MOD (Unlocked) + APK 1.2.1
Name FGB Operators
Publisher M.O.A.B
Latest Version 1.2.1
Genre Action
Size 459 Mb
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Unlock
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FGB Operators helps gamers find new emotions like experiencing the classic shooting game for the first time. With better graphics and sound, players will be able to participate in thrilling and dramatic gun battles. Become a marksman with the ability to destroy enemies accurately and quickly with FGB Operators MOD APK version.

Download FGB Operators mod – Become an anti-terrorist commando

Although the plot and gameplay of FGB Operators are not new, the experience it gives players is extremely new. The top-rated paid game on the Google Play app is sure to be “great value for money”. A quality game in both content and form will let you live in suspense with thrilling raids.

War on Terror

In FGB Operators, you will play as a commando soldier of the counter-terrorism force. In the face of complicated developments in security and order, your forces need to participate in many tense and dangerous confrontations. There are many areas on the territory of the Soviet Union that need the intervention of anti-terror forces. Your mission is to hold the gun to destroy the terrorists, rescue the people who are in the danger zone. The confrontation in the game took place extremely fierce and fierce. Aggressive, reckless terrorists, fully armed with guns. In this game, you do not accompany other teammates. The whole game has only you to fight. So, bravely enter their territory, use your skills to destroy them all.

Counter-Strike Style

The reason why many people appreciate FGB Operators is partly because it is designed in the style of Counter-Strike. A classic game, once stormed in the gaming industry. The background and image of the game have many similarities with this monument.3D graphics make everything sharp, depicting more realistically and vividly. During the battle, you will have the feeling of being directly involved in the intense confrontation between special forces and terrorists. It is not difficult to control the character in this shooting game. The interface is very simple and easy to grasp. Overall, it is still designed in the style of most other mobile shooters. Through the virtual keys on the screen, you can navigate the character as well as change the perspective. Besides, the game also integrates some necessary control buttons such as picking up the gun, shooting, …. A small limitation in the control mechanism of the game is the replacement of bullets. If you just change the bullet and rotate to another angle, you will find it quite inconvenient. Hopefully the next time in the FGB Operators update there will be a change in this part.

FGBOperators mod apk

Special game mode

Although there are only 2 modes, survival and campaign, gamers do not feel bored. Each mode in this shooting game brings its own new and interesting.

Campaign mode

For the campaign mode, you will fight in 7 different regions. Each area is an army of terrorists. They are fully equipped with heavy weapons and always in fighting spirit. Meanwhile, you are alone with a gun in your hand. Therefore, you need to move cautiously, aim accurately to destroy all enemy vitality. Unlike the super product CS, in FGB Operators, you can heal automatically if you are unfortunately hit by a bullet. In addition, you can complete the task carefully and slowly because the game has no time limit. Before performing the all-out attack, take a break to regain your strength and think about your next strategy. Think carefully about your approach, which means a lot in these types of wars. Do not forget to carefully analyze the terrain before going deep into the enemy stronghold for the best results.

Survival Mode

This mode received a lot of compliments from players. In campaign mode, you need to actively attack. In contrast, playing survival, you are in the active position. Your mission is to survive the attacks from terrorist gangs. FGB Operators gives you 3 maps, join the battle in waves, try to survive until you run out of health. In particular, the amount of ammo you have is not much. In hand is the Glock, take advantage of every opportunity to destroy the enemy and steal their weapons. Do not forget to pay attention to the number of bullets you have to come up with a suitable attack plan. This mode does not allow you to use other weapons. Therefore, if you want to win, you must have a gun with ammunition in your hand.

FGBOperators apk mod

Firearm system

The weapon system in the game is relatively complete and diverse. There are many different types and models of guns for you to choose from. In addition to the popular and familiar types like AK47, M4A1, you can own good guns like the SMG or AWP series.

MOD version of FGB Operators APK

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Although there is no mode to play with friends and there are still some limitations, FGB Operators is still worthy of a good game. Gamers who are passionate about shooting genre can find many interesting things in this game. Download FGB Operators MOD APK to play for free as well as enjoy the special features that this version brings.


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