Download Fall Dudes 3D MOD (Unlimited Skins) + APK 1.4.5

Download Fall Dudes 3D MOD (Unlimited Skins) + APK 1.4.5
Name Fall Dudes 3D
Publisher PepUp Studios
Latest Version 1.4.5
Genre Casual
Size 125 MB
Requires Android 5.1 trở lên
MOD Unlimited skins
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After stressful and tiring working hours, finding attractive entertainment games helps you relax and feel more comfortable. One of the highest rated games right now is Fall Dudes 3D MOD APK. The game was just released to the market not long ago but has made a strong impression on players.

FallDudes 3D mod

Download Fall Dudes 3D Mod – Interesting Entertainment Game

The appearance of entertainment games contributes to helping people relax after a long day of work. In particular, Fall Dudes 3D is definitely the top fun game on mobile, making you have the most comfortable hours. The game belongs to the battle royale genre, the gameplay is quite impressive. Join Fall Dudes 3D, you do not need to kill the opponents, but just knock down other players in a very funny, fun way. The game is designed after two famous TV shows, Wipeout!and Takeshi’s Castle. You will experience unexpected races, control the character from the starting line and to the finish line.

Things only in Fall Dudes 3D

Fall Dudes 3D is an attractive entertainment game, although it has just been released, it has received many positive reviews from gamers. Here are a few interesting issues unique to this game.

A large number of players

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Fall Dudes 3D owns a large number of players. Each game has up to 40 participants. You just need to be clever, have good reflexes and have a little luck. The control steps are also nothing complicated. On the left side of the screen, there is a Joystick icon. You click on it to control the character to move, and on the right is the jump key.

Provides fun minigames

Fall Dudes 3D has 5 minigames. Want to win you must not be eliminated after the rounds. In the first round, several players put bombs on their backs, including you. Please transfer the bomb to another player and make sure when the bomb explodes the person holding it is not you. Listening to this has also felt the competition that the game brings. In the next round, the symbols on the door appear and you have to memorize them. A purple screen opens, doors turn into walls, the difficulty of the game increases. The minigames always change after each match. To win, players must participate in challenges many times and remember some basic tips. Do not be too distracted when being played badly by other opponents because the game is fun, so everything is just a joke.

download Fall Dudes 3D mod

Unlock the skins

As players level up, they will unlock more fun costumes. The game offers a lot of impressive costumes such as Deadpool, Batman, Deadpool, Ninja, Western cowboy … However, the game is not a “pay to win” game. Costumes are a way to decorate the character more vividly, not to help you own more special abilities, not to create more advantages for the player.

Note to players

It is impossible not to admit that Fall Dudes 3D possesses extremely attractive gameplay. However, the game can only be played online and this is also the only game mode. Joining the game you will not be able to experience the gym, nor can AI technology play with friends. The best way to win is to participate in as many matches as possible. The more bad you get by your opponent, the more skills you have. In addition, the new game only exists in pre-registration form, so there will be some errors during the gameplay.

FallDudes 3D hack

Game Graphics

Fall Dudes 3D possesses attractive 3D graphics. Images appear extremely vivid, sharp, attractive to every detail. The publisher has built a fun, highly humorous atmosphere to make gamers happy. When you lose a match with a rating, you will not lose too many points, but will gain more battle experience.

MOD Version of Fall Dudes 3D APK

  • Unlock skins
  • Unlimited money

Fall Dudes 3D MOD APK is an attractive entertainment game where you can find funny and interesting experiences. Although it has only been released for a while, the appeal of the game has not shown any signs of cooling down. Quickly download the game to your computer and join the challenge!


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