Download Fairy World: Divine World MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.0.6

Download Fairy World: Divine World MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.0.6
Name Fairy World: Thần Giới
Latest Version 1.0.6
Genre Role Playing
Size 55 Mb
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
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Fairy World: Gods World MOD APK (Unlimited Money) brings fantasy colors with bold characters. The game is impressive in terms of character creation as well as the mission system. The 3D world is built on a unique idea with a deep storyline. Join an anime-style battle with a magical setting in Fairy World: God Realm.

Fairy World God Realm mod

Download Fairy World: God Realm Mod – First Half World War

Fairy World: God Realm –’s role-playing game received positive reviews after officially “airing” at the end of April. The game is designed in a fairy-tale style with eye-catching anime characters.. With free play, gamers can experience in their own way. Feel free to explore, go to every place and do interesting quests. Work hard, increase strength, level up characters. From a person who has no reputation to become a top server name. This journey brings a new and challenging experience. In addition to individual activities, you can try your hand at guild mode, team fighting. With beautiful graphics, interesting operation system such as copies, competition, equipment hunting, … The game has “pocketed” immediately 1 million downloads after only a few days of launch.

Special plot

Fairy World: God Realm has a super story with extremely attractive details. Legend has it about a great demon with terrible power named U Tuyen Blood Ma. After causing so much suffering to the people, he was teamed up and sealed by disciples of the fairy cults.

A thousand years have passed, when the world is slowly dying, this great demon has officially returned. He broke the seal, frantically returning to continue killing innocent people. His target is Chang’an, the center of thousands of lives. The return of You Tuyen Blood Ma is a terrifying obsession with humanity. Everywhere there are scenes of killing, mourning, birth and death. Faced with this situation, God sent powerful transmissions down to the human world to fight the forces of darkness. Each descendant belongs to a separate sect. From here, the descendants of the fairy world began their journey to fight and protect humanity.

Enchanting free play

Fairy World: God Realm is a war built in a free style. In this role-playing game, players can move around the map. The most important thing is the power of the successor as well as the level. To achieve this, you will have to work hard on tasks, participate in daily activities. Completing the tasks that the system assigns, you will receive valuable gifts to strengthen the character’s strength and level. In addition, with the gold you earn, you can further equip your character by buying items, potions, and forging stars. If you want to have a lot of gold to level up and equip your character, you can do a copy operation or download a mod.

Characters divided by faction

Fairy World: God Realm has a fairy-tale theme, so the character system in the game will be divided into sects. Specifically, you can choose one of 4 sects, corresponding to 4 different characters. It could be the Sword God, the Spear God, the Gun God, or the Magic God. As the name suggests, each character will use a unique weapon as well as their own skills. For example, the Sword God will fight with swords, the Magic God will fight with magic,…

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Special equipment and items

Usually, the first half-themed role-playing games will focus a lot on the equipment and item system. With Fairy World: God Realm is similar. There are many unique and interesting items for you to equip your character. The most impressive is probably the elixir and XP potion. These items have the effect of increasing the stats and level of the immortals. There are also fuels to increase stars and skills. For equipment, in addition to specific weapons, the game also provides many special types such as wings, shoes, shirts, rings,… The equipment will be divided by quality and have its own stats and values.

Boss fighting system

Talking about the new “money” of this role-playing game, it is probably the boss fighting system. You can join the quest to fight monsters with friends, colleagues or accompany members of the guild. Let’s move to an area together, link, deploy tactically to defeat the big boss. Successfully defeating monsters will receive valuable equipment and items. In addition, you can fight the boss of the same clan to increase the rank of the guild.

Impressive 3D Graphics

Funtap does a pretty good job of visualizing because everything from the background to the characters is very eye-catching.3D graphics with harmonious colors, depicting clear details. Anime style highlights the character creation, bringing a new visual experience. In addition, the animation effects, lighting, and skill sets are also very realistic.

Besides the graphics, the sound of the game is also highly appreciated. Background music with many different versions integrated to suit each situation. The character’s voice as well as the sound of the moves are also very special.

MOD Version of Fairy World: Divine World APK

  • Unlimited money

Fairy World: Divine World is a new role-playing game that is worth experiencing this summer. With free play, you can explore and perform in-game activities the way you want. Choose your favorite faction, equip your character with skills and powerful weapons. With friends, guilds on quests to assert their strength and individual fighting ability. Download Fairy World: Divine World MOD APK to experience the game right away!


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