Download Exile Survival MOD (Unlimited XP, Immortal) + APK

Download Exile Survival MOD (Unlimited XP, Immortal) + APK
Name Exile Survival
Publisher Pride Games
Latest Version
Genre Horror
Size 125 Mb
Requires Android 5.1 trở lên
MOD Unlimited XP, Immortal
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You are a person who likes to role-play strong characters, experience life, adventure. Or do you want to use your own strategies and intelligence to build an empire, defeating monsters – who want to invade your territory. Then the Exile Survival MOD APK itself is the first choice that you should try to experience. With unique gameplay and attractive storyline, Exile Survival promises to bring players the most interesting experiences.

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Download Exile Survival Mod – Unique role-playing and survival game

Not simply roleplaying to build a house, shooting a few monsters simply became the winner. Exile Survival is a true “hard” survival game genre, a real survival place for those who have a passion for this game genre. Coming to the world of Exile Survival, you will be playing the role of a lonely exile, chased from his tribe. Sounds weird right?And that’s one of the special things about the game. You will start from empty hands, from an exile – a single person with a rebellious mind and always with a brave heart and a passionate heart to engage in a harsh battle for survival. An arid, murky planet, full of disgusting monsters left over from the fierce battle between the gods. Abandoned cities or entire elaborately built advanced civilizations were demolished and completely disappeared. You are the one who will turn them into a new land, an empire of your own with your own tactics, intelligence and desire for survival.

Who are your opponents?

Similar to survival in real life, when being kicked out of a place you used to live, leaving empty-handed with nothing left in hand, you have to collect materials to make weapons and self-defense armor., find food on their own to live through the day. Experience the feeling of “Overcoming difficulties with just one empty hand”.

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Living alone in the cold, desolate land, it is normal to encounter wild animals or cruel exiles many times more. In addition, you also have to confront countless giant, terrifying monsters, the higher the level of the monsters, the bigger they will be. So patience is the next thing you need to continue to survive in this land. Also, completing the tasks, upgrading the skills for your character is extremely necessary. Because the stronger you are, the greater your fighting power, the higher the survival ability. Another special thing that makes you fascinated with the game is the extremely rich skills, many unique moves and used in each different case. Using skillfully and intelligently will help you maintain your life. A rich attractive skill set is the highlight of the game Exile Survival for players. There are many unique moves and you have the right to choose to use them in different situations. The special skill of the game is to make a weapon and gradually upgrade it, from which you can create a variety of “toys” or costumes without having to follow the progression of the story. Anyway, the ultimate goal is still to maintain life in the longest way.

There’s a billion other things to do…

In addition to the time to fight monsters, you also have to return to the base and continue the hard work of building, creating a solid stronghold against monsters or any illegal invasion.

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Don’t forget that the game’s plot is also something to consider. You can meet and chat with NPCs to understand what happened in the terrible battle between the gods and how the planet you live on has a glorious past. And a small note for you is to pay attention to the health indicators of the character, otherwise you will not have the strength to fight!!

Beautiful, vivid graphics

The next thing you care about is probably the game’s graphics, right?As a genre of survival role-playing game, it is inevitable that fierce fighting scenes are full of gore and barbarism. But the color details of the game are extremely clear, sharp, bright space. The characters in the game are also shown in an eye-catching, lifelike way, helping you have the best experience with the Exile Survival game.

Exile Survival mod

MOD version of Exile Survival APK

  • Infinite XP
  • Immortal

What are you waiting for without immersing yourself in the role of an exile but extremely strong, full of fighting power to build a powerful empire by yourself. Survival is difficult, but with intelligence, a wise strategy will help you easily overcome all obstacles.


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