Download Evil Nun 2 MOD (Menu) + APK 1.1.5

Download Evil Nun 2 MOD (Menu) + APK 1.1.5
Name Evil Nun 2
Publisher Keplerians Horror Games
Latest Version 1.1.5
Genre Adventure
Size 176M
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Menu
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If you feel the same old horror games are not enough to satisfy your passion. Then try the game Evil Nun 2 MOD APK – The Devil is back. Are you ready to explore more gruesome horror in a whole new story and setting? Follow the article below to discover with us a few more outstanding information about the game Evil Nun 2.

download Evil Nun 2 mod

Download Evil Nun 2 Mod – Experience a horror game against ghosts

Evil Nun 2 released by Keplerians Horror Games is an adventure puzzle game full of horror. This is the second part following the first part Evil Nun. In this new release, the game allows you to face more enemies. Promises to bring players moments of unforgettable experience.

Featured information about the game Evil Nun 2

Find a way to survive before the evil nun

Evil Nun 2 begins with a new context, a new journey, but the core content of the game has not changed too much compared to the previous part. Players will be taken to a mysterious monastery. And the nun Sister Madeline is the one with the highest authority here. She’s famous as an authoritarian, terrifying person with many secrets to hide. The game publisher once announced that Evil Nun 2 will definitely be the game containing the most horror and scary elements in the horror games you know. The main goal of the player throughout the game is to escape the gloomy, ghostly monastery, the mysteries and terrible fears from Madeline. In addition, players need to pay special attention to Madeline’s assistants. This army will hunt you everywhere. If caught by them, your end will be extremely painful.

modEvil Nun 2

Evil Nun 2 has a huge map. Although the activities revolve around the monastery, it has many locations. Players will have to move through each place to find their way out. Run fast and find shelter because you probably don’t want to meet any danger.

Learning about Madeline’s past

Besides running away from being caught, players also need to learn Madeline’s dark past. Before turning into a terrifying demon, this priestess was once a good person. After that, her mood changes and gradually becomes domineering and is hiding a terrifying secret of what happened in the monastery. Another thing in the game is that you can collect information about Madeline. Information such as actions, habits, and potential hazards.

The game is not for children and the faint of heart

As mentioned above Evil Nun 2 is a game with extremely strong horror elements. Therefore, you should not let children or those with weak hearts play this game. If you don’t want to scare them, they’re afraid to go to the toilet at night.

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Evil Nun 2 depicts the most realistic way and the scenes are built on a 3D platform. In addition, the colors in the game are also selected to create a realistic environment. A quiet and scary space appears for players to feel. The sound is recorded by the producer from the actual environment and then into the game. Because of that, the footsteps, the quick breaths and the third-person perspective of the character will help you save an unforgettable feeling. The game will take people to explore an extremely ghostly scene like watching a horror movie.

Looking for clues

In fact, most horror games will incorporate puzzle elements. Players need to find the answer to the puzzle to find the way out. The information you see in the game will all be closely related to each other. While collecting clues, you will be guided through many areas and explore the nooks and crannies of the monastery in turn.

EvilNun 2 mods

In this process, players will certainly face many difficulties that the manufacturer offers. A small piece of advice for you is to create yourself a weapon to protect yourself from. Or when you hear footsteps, quickly hide in the closet or under the table.

Crafting Weapons

Most of the horror games of the same genre are just puzzles and find bugs out. But in the game Evil Nun 2, the publisher has added a defensive element. Players can create their own weapons to protect themselves against monsters.

Evil Nun 2 MOD Version APK

  • Menu
  • Disable Bot

Although Evil Nun 2 MOD APK is not too different from games of the same horror genre. But if you want to play the game with more emotions, more dramatic scenes, then try this game.


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