Download Euro Truck Evolution Simulator MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 3.1

Download Euro Truck Evolution Simulator MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 3.1
Name Euro Truck Evolution Simulator
Publisher Ovidiu Pop
Latest Version 3.1
Genre Simulation
Size 182 Mb
Requires Android 4.1 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
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Euro Truck Evolution Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Money) of Ovidiu Pop has achieved many impressive achievements since the first day of its launch. Up to now, despite being present for 3 years in the game industry, the number of game downloads still shows signs of increasing steadily. This proves that, during the experience, players are satisfied with what it brings. The job of driving a tractor seems to be simple but challenging. Want to explore and learn more about this job, start right away with Euro Truck Evolution Simulator modpure.

mod Euro Truck Evolution Simulator

Download Euro Truck Evolution Simulator Mod – Tractor driving job

Euro Truck Evolution Simulator simulation game for players to play the role of a tractor driver with the most realistic context. Play as a driver, your task is to drive, complete the shipments to receive bonuses. The game exploits multiple perspectives for players to get the best experience. Interface with simple control mechanism, design based on reality. This has helped players learn a lot of experience and knowledge during the game.

Easy-to-grasp gameplay

After launching the game, you will see a basic tutorial video about the game. Press “OK” and you will officially start a new journey with the job of driving a tractor. Please set up some settings such as sound, look and feel according to your personal style for easy experience. You do not have to worry when you have no experience playing similar simulation games. Because in this game, you will be given detailed instructions in Vietnamese. This is also a huge plus of Euro Truck Evolution Simulator in the eyes of Vietnamese gamers. During the game, you can flexibly change the perspective to control the car more conveniently. In particular, the system of Euro Truck Evolution Simulator also has a reverse camera. Looking here, you can handle crossing situations as well as reversing with ease. Each journey will let you discover and set foot in a new land. For the driver, the car is home, every road passing is a landmark in life. So, complete every game screen to get the bonus as well as the spiritual value that the game brings.

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Tractor system

If you love vehicles, especially tractors, you will be extremely satisfied when playing Euro Truck Evolution Simulator. In the garage of the game, there are many models of tractor trucks for you to choose from. These models are designed based on reality with extremely impressive appearance. To own expensive cars, you need to work really hard. After completing each shipment, you will receive your deserved remuneration. The money you earn will be used to buy and upgrade cars. Therefore, the harder you work, the higher your chances of owning high-performance, high-capacity cars.

Mechanisms and console

This simulation game has many perspectives for players to fully experience. If you don’t like the first view, you can change to another perspective. Each steering angle has a different interface design. The cabin is fully functional like the cockpit of a real tractor truck. For an overhead view, you will be able to cover the entire cockpit space. Each viewing angle has its own advantages. Depending on the situation, you choose the appropriate viewing angle.

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Challenges and tasks

If it was just sitting in the cabin and controlling and driving as usual, Euro Truck Evolution Simulator would not have been so attractive. During the game, you will have to perform tasks, overcome many challenges to be able to successfully deliver. You need to move according to the map to reach the required location. After many journeys, the newness of the car and the ability to operate will also decrease. When the car degrades, you need to maintain, spend a large amount of money to restore. Therefore, driving carefully and safely, avoiding unnecessary collisions is essential.

Experience with friends

You can connect with your friends through this simulation game. Give this “virtual driver” an impressive name before you start your journey. If you want to accompany your friends, try your hand at online mode. In the search bar, find your friend’s name and invite them to play. In your spare time, go on trips with friends. This task is not only entertaining but also helps you earn extra income.

MOD version of Euro Truck Evolution Simulator APK

  • Unlimited money

As can be seen, Euro Truck Evolution Simulator has a lot of highlights. The process of playing the game both entertains you and provides useful driving knowledge. The game will be even more complete because the publisher is still updating more car models as well as new features. If you want to own good tractor truck models for free, download Euro Truck Evolution Simulator MOD APK to your device right away.


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