Download Endless Nightmare MOD (Free Shopping, VIP) + APK 1.1.3

Download Endless Nightmare MOD (Free Shopping, VIP) + APK 1.1.3
Name Endless Nightmare
Publisher 707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Epic Casual Games
Latest Version 1.1.3
Genre Horror
Size 109 Mb
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Free shopping, VIP
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If you are a lover of horror games with a little detective element, you should not ignore the name Endless Nightmare MOD APK (Shopping, VIP). With top notch 3D graphics, creepy sounds and unexpected effects will make you not only strain your brain to find the culprit but also require bravery. So are you ready to role-play to track down the killer in Endless Nightmare?

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Download Endless Nightmare Mod – Hunting down the mad killer

The father of Endless Nightmare is Fun Epic Casual Games. This is a famous game maker in the world with 2 games supported by millions of fans, Sniper Honor and Ninja’s Creed. Project Endless Nightmare is the company’s first horror game. Therefore, updates are still being perfected to bring the best experience to users. Before diving into how to play Endless Nightmare, let’s take a look at the content so you have a better feel before entering the role.

Content of Endless Nightmare

Endless Nightmare is a journey to find the murderer of James Douglass’ wife and daughter. He is a police officer who loves his job but makes enemies with many objects in the process of performing his duties. On that fateful day, when James went to work, his beloved wife and daughter were brutally murdered in their own home. Shock, shock and pain are the feelings of the young policeman when he witnessed the passing of two loved ones. It was this that prompted him to find the truth to bring the murderer to the dock. He used all his experience and professional knowledge to collect case evidence.

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During the investigation, Douglass discovered a horrifying fact that the killer was hiding in his own house. Even more shocking is that this guy is not an ordinary guy. A series of monstrous events keep happening that keep James caught up in a terrifying nightmare. But it’s all just the beginning…

Immerse yourself to find the terrifying truth in your own house

When participating in Endless Nightmare, you will play the role of James to find the real culprit of the case. The horror element will be pushed up because the crime scene is also your house but not your house…At the beginning of the game scene, you will sit on a chair in a room on the 1st floor. The system will give you suggestions for you to go to the 2nd floor bedroom and start the journey to solve the case. This room is quite messy, pictures are pasted in a corner of the wall. The strange thing is a faceless photo of Lisa (James’ wife), a piece of old newspaper and a phone with text messages from strangers. You need to unlock each room to collect clues to find the killer. However, almost all the rooms are locked. The key is in certain places, maybe in the cupboard, under the mattress, under the stairs,… Your task is to find the key to open those closed doors to find the name.cold-blooded murder.

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Follow the instructions of the system, you will find the divorce paper that Lisa wrote earlier. So there was a problem between James and Lisa? Does this have anything to do with the massacre?Gathering and finding information requires calm, sobriety, and even courage. Why? Do you feel normal in the house where the horrific murder happened?The space was covered in darkness, with only a few lonely lights illuminating the way. Each content will be unlocked and the clues are gradually revealed. You need to collect the evidence and put it in your backpack. Finally, put it all together to give the answer and catch the culprit.

3D graphics create a ghost that makes the player’s hair cold

Not just an ordinary crime-solving game, Endless Nightmare makes full use of 3D graphics and horror sound effects to create an extremely haunting scene. The long corridors of black and red blend in an eerie way. Image of a girl at the end of the hallway with black hair and a scared face. By the time you get there, she’s gone. So is this really Lisa’s unjust spirit or is it a fake ghost game to scare a friend?Not only stopping there, in the process of searching for the truth, you have to face dangers lurking. Crazy ghosts with sharp knives search for you throughout the rooms. The increasing difficulty of Endless Nightmare stimulates the player’s desire to find the truth. But be careful, you need the whole network before you find the truth.

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MOD version of Endless Nightmare APK

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In short, Endless Nightmare is a game worth trying if you are looking to challenge yourself. However, the advice is that you need to have a cool head and be over 16 years old to play the game. Because Endless Nightmare MOD APK is labeled as age-restricted. And if you are not old enough, see you in the game version in the coming years.


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