Download Endless Nightmare 2 MOD (Free Shopping) + APK 1.2.6

Download Endless Nightmare 2 MOD (Free Shopping) + APK 1.2.6
Name Endless Nightmare 2
Publisher 707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Epic Casual Games
Latest Version 1.2.6
Genre Horror
Size 176 Mb
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Free shopping
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Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital is a thrilling game with horror elements. By following Endless Nightmare 1, this game has attracted many players around the world. Not inferior to part 1, Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital MOD APK has a fascinating storyline that helps unlock many of the secrets of the previous game. Besides, in this part, the publisher has improved the image, sound and character creation very well.

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Download Endless Nightmare 2 Mod – Thrilling and Linking Story

Endless Nightmare is designed as an adventure of the main character, Jack. Jack is a detective from the town of Oak. He is investigating the disappearances in town. These incidents happen with many mysteries because there is not any trace of who is behind. Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital is set in the story that happened before part 1. At the beginning of the game, the player will play the role of Jack and see the first scene at the abandoned hospital. Jack didn’t know why he was there. However, according to the investigation, this hospital is the place with the most strange things and related to the disappearances. Therefore, Jack conducts his investigation alone and must protect himself. While investigating, there will always be eyes and forces lurking in the dark corners of the hospital. Players need to help Jack collect the clues and get out of the hospital successfully.

Enchanting thanks to attractive graphics

Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital is designed with attractive graphics. The important factor that helps the horror game series succeed is the beautiful graphics. The game has advanced 3D graphics not inferior to other horror games.

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Every scene in the hospital is meticulously designed to every detail. Each villain has its own shape from face to body. Thanks to that, players can easily grasp the plot and distinguish the characters from each other. With the hospital scene, the designer chose black tones to create the surrounding scene. Besides, there are white and yellow colors to increase the contrast for the scene. Thanks to the glimmering light in the corridor, the creepyness of the image increased significantly.

The ultimate immersive experience with immersive sound

Sound is an extremely important component to any horror game. If there is no sound, almost the player will not have much fear. By combining with images, sounds help players simulate and feel the scene in the game in a realistic way. Thanks to that, they can more easily immerse themselves in the game and immerse themselves in the game. The designer has flexibly combined sound and image. The transition or the action, the sound is different. With the investigation scene, the sound will be gentle but equally creepy, making the player always in a state of alertness to the surrounding things. As for the action scenes, the designer will combine gunfire, music and screams of monsters to create realism and life.

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In addition, Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital also creates realism by integrating sound effects into the details. Every time the vase falls, the character moves with a sound. Thanks to that, players will easily immerse themselves in the game scene.

Flexible gameplay gives players a diverse experience

The common gameplay of horror games is to solve puzzles and solve mysteries. In the process of searching, players need to destroy hostile forces to protect their lives.

Start exploring, looking for clues

The hospital in Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital has a large design with many different areas. Players can search and explore each area for clues and win the game. However, every corner in each area has monsters and mysterious forces lurking. Players need to have a reasonable strategy to be able to explore the entire haunted hospital and escape this place safely.

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During the exploration, the player will find some clues about the missing case in the plot. However, because the puzzles need to be solved, this search process will take a lot of time. Players have to solve puzzles and protect the main character’s life. This is one of the factors that make the game attractive.

Tactics to deal with monsters

In the game, players are equipped with knives and guns to fight monsters. However, the use of force is not always effective. Each monster will have its own set of characteristics. Players need to know this information to create their own playstyle to face them. Players need to collect weapons in mysteries and puzzles to fight monsters. This setting of the game helps the main character always have to solve puzzles until he successfully escapes from the hospital. That’s because the weapons will have a certain number of uses, and the more difficult the level of the puzzle, the stronger the weapon.

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Moreover, because the number of uses is limited, especially bullets, players cannot arbitrarily shoot monsters. For high level monsters, players need to hide to find a way to destroy. Moreover, with a low level character status, avoiding strong monsters is considered the wisest choice.

Learning from each match and quiz

At the beginning of the game, players have almost no information about the characters and items in the game. After each match and puzzle, the player will have more information. In addition, players can upgrade their character thanks to the experience gained from fighting monsters.

MOD Version of Endless Nightmare 2 APK

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Endless Nightmare 2 Hospital MOD APK is an attractive game that many people love. Thanks to the horror element combined with vivid sounds and images, players will have a unique gaming experience.


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