Download ELSA Speak MOD (Premium Unlocked) + APK 6.8.2

Download ELSA Speak MOD (Premium Unlocked) + APK 6.8.2
Name ELSA Speak
Publisher ELSA Speak
Latest Version 6.8.2
Genre Education
Size 33 Mb
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Premium Unlocked
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ELSA Speak MOD APK is an English learning application chosen by many people because it supports improving communication as well as grammar quite well. Thanks to this application, many people who have lost their English roots have gradually regained their knowledge. With a large, easy-to-understand, intuitive lecture store, this educational application is attracting more and more people to experience. With ELSA Speak, you can unlock thousands of communication topics on the app for free.

ELSA Speak mod

Download ELSA Speak Mod – Learn English communication and practice grammar

In the era of integration, English is an extremely necessary language. It is a condition, a tool for people to work and study better. Knowing English is an advantage because it brings great job opportunities and higher income. This is the reason, many people want to hone and improve their English. In addition to studying at schools and English centers, you can learn through educational apps like ELSA Speak. This is an online English learning platform released by the company of the same name based in San Francisco. Up to now, this application has received hundreds of thousands of reviews and an almost absolute rating score on Google Play. Therefore, many people have trusted and chosen to learn English on this educational app. With ELSA Speak, you will have a good opportunity to learn foreign languages ​​because the app offers the following great features:

Building a roadmap for learners

An extremely important thing but few people pay attention to before learning English is to clearly define their learning goals. When you have goals and motivation, the learning process will go smoothly and achieve the best results. With this English learning app, you will have access to many different topics in life. It can be entertainment, culture, business, daily communication,…. These are topics that the system will suggest to you after the survey with important information such as English level., target, current language in use. This information will be the basis for the system to build the most effective route for learners.

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Improve pronunciation with AI technology

ELSA Speak integrates AI technology to recognize learners’ voices. This will help you improve your pronunciation skills effectively. The app’s machine learning technology will detect errors to help learners fix. From there, the communication ability as well as the grammar level of the learners will be improved. Initially, you will start with pronunciation and vocabulary lessons. On the application screen, there are basic function buttons such as vocabulary, transcription, recording. During the reading process, the app system will automatically record and evaluate the readability. Not only that, the meanings of the words are also explained in detail and given specific examples to make it easier for users to understand. Currently, the ELSA Speak application has 2 different rating levels. For the advanced assessment will be based on the standard of being a native American. With the normal level, there will be no standard compared to any country but based on a 100% scale. In addition, the app also tells learners what problems they need to improve or change the way they read. As can be seen, this English learning application focuses on a lot of small, detailed problems. This brings a lot of benefits to learners.

The lesson system is suitable for the learner’s path

The ELSA Speak English learning application is impressed by its high-quality lesson system. It is not only diverse but also practical, suitable for each learner’s level. So, no matter who you are, regardless of your level of English, you absolutely have the opportunity to improve and develop your English communication and grammar skills.

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If you are new or have lost your English roots, you will find it quite difficult at first. The lesson system in the app can make you feel “dizzy”. However, the app will give lessons that are suitable for each person’s level and route. So in the beginning, you will learn pronunciation, vocabulary, familiarize yourself with phrases,… As you get better, you can combine to read whole sentences, connect sounds, intonation and so much more.again.

Real conversations

ELSA Speak also provides a very useful practical conversation feature. The whole system is designed in a scientific, methodical and modern way so that learners can communicate in English in the best way. Through real conversations, you will learn much more effectively. The system is like an online teacher, always tutoring, following you closely to point out pronunciation errors. This greatly improves your communication skills. Moreover, it also helps you get a broader view of everyday English communication. A lot of people decide to stick with this app for a long time because they find themselves getting better when they practice with real conversations. All lessons are guided in detail, easy to understand with lots of important information and documents. Especially the opportunity to experience the reality when communicating with native people via Video Call.

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Discovery feature in ELSA Speak

With discovery, you can stay up to date with new learning content. The common point of these contents is that they are close to reality, very easy to grasp and get used to. Such as Online Dating, Common Travel, Date & Time, …. Each content that the app provides has a specific number of lessons and is divided by levels.

MOD version of ELSA Speak APK

  • Premium Unlock

If you want to improve your English communication as well as your reading ability, you must definitely try ELSA Speak. The application trusted by millions of people will definitely bring you the desired English learning environment. If you want to learn all the topics of Pro features without paying, please download the ELSA Speak MOD APK that we provide to your device right away!


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