Download Eden: World Simulator MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 2022.2

Download Eden: World Simulator MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 2022.2
Name Eden: World Simulator
Publisher Channel 4 Television Corporation
Latest Version 2022.2
Genre Role Playing
Size 58 Mb
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
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Have you ever imagined what life will be like after the apocalypse?There are many movies and stories about the end of the world. However, very few works or games deal with post-apocalyptic themes. If you are curious about what the world would be like at that time and human life, then play Eden: World Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Money).

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Download Eden: World Simulator Mod – Start in a New Land

The setting of Eden: World Simulator is a post-apocalyptic setting when the whole world is ruined. An entire human civilization has been buried under the rubble. Only a small group of people survived and gathered together to find a way to build after the disaster. In order to survive, people now have to start from primitive jobs, including:

  • Cutting down trees to build houses.
  • Taking water from springs for drinking and domestic use.
  • Going to the forest to collect fruit.
  • Hunting wild animals for food

This entire process almost has to use labor and rudimentary equipment. Therefore, challenge letters will be many and relatively difficult for players. The game not only requires speed, but also teaches you how to manage. At Eden, the leader will have a specific construction plan, detailed work assignment, monitoring and resource coordination so that everything is not cluttered and messed up.

Tasks to do in Eden: World Simulator

Eden: World Simulator belongs to the survival genre but does not have weapons and shoots like many other games. The main task of the player is to find a way to maintain daily life for a group of people. Players need:

Lighting and maintaining a campfire

The first task for you is to learn how to make a campfire. If you want the fire to burn big and big, you need to assign people to take turns cutting wood in the forest. The fire not only warms people, but you help cook and fight wild animals. Therefore, maintaining the fire is very important.

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Building shelters and workshops

The second task the player needs to perform is to build a house to have a resting place for everyone. Along with that, you also need to build a warehouse to store food. After completing this item, you will start the more difficult tasks than building the factory. These will be the places where villagers do things like:

  • Research for self-defense weapons.
  • Manufacturing all kinds of machinery for farming and animal husbandry.
  • Production of food, foodstuffs.

To improve the quality of life, you need to combine hunting and gathering with livestock and farming. Because the natural food source is limited, it will be depleted if the villagers use it for a long time.

EdenWorld Simulator mod

An important note is that resources are extremely limited and meager, so leaders need to consider carefully to allocate them appropriately. The exploitation of forest or stone needs a reasonable plan and effective use. The amount of food is also extremely limited, so it is necessary to evenly divide and divide production labor so that there is no shortage of food.

Levels in the game

Levels in Eden: World Simulator will go from easy to difficult to give players time to adapt. When you first play, your task is very simple, just light and maintain the campfire, build a rudimentary tent. Difficulty increases as the community gets bigger as the demand for food and more will increase. At this point, you need to build more complex works such as:

  • Home, kitchen, warehouse.
  • Workshop
  • Carpenter’s Hut
  • Fishing Hut
  • Store House
  • Cloth Maker

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At the same time, more open ores are mined around the clock. The fields need to be planted and cared for regularly to have food to serve the whole village. When any project is completed, it will bring rewards to the whole village. The more life develops, the faster the game speed will be. This requires you to act quickly, think quickly to be able to perform many tasks at the same time. If you are not used to this, it will make you confused and easy to lose. But don’t be discouraged, you just need to calm down and play it many times and you will get used to it.

Things to keep in mind when playing Eden: World Simulator

The first note when playing Eden: World Simulator is not to stop. All work in the game will take place automatically. Your task is to choose what to do, provide the necessary number of tools, choose the number of people to do it, and they will automatically do it. But the hard point here is that many things going on at the same time will get you confused. Players need to know what to do first to make everything go smoothly. You also need to pay attention to the time to complete the task. Learn how to use resources, people and time properly to get the best results. The second note for players of Eden: World Simulator is the location of the building. The simplest is to build and place a tent, you need to choose a suitable location so that everyone can return to the tent to rest or shelter from the rain as quickly as possible.

MOD version of Eden: World Simulator APK

  • Unlimited money
  • Items

Eden: World Simulator MOD APK will forge you extremely good management skills. You need not only speed but also intelligence to get the job done. If you are a lover of planning and management, what are you waiting for without trying this survival game?


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