Download Duolingo MOD (Premium Unlocked) + APK 5.65.5

Download Duolingo MOD (Premium Unlocked) + APK 5.65.5
Name Duolingo
Publisher Duolingo
Latest Version 5.65.5
Genre Education
Size 42M
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Premium Unlocked
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Learning a foreign language becomes an obsession for many people when they cannot remember new words and their meanings. After a while, many people feel discouraged because they don’t study forever. If you are also among them, immediately download and use Duolingo mod. The application is suitable for many different ages, with diverse images and exercises, creating excitement for learners.

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Download Duolingo Mod – Useful English Learning App

Today, English is gradually becoming a global language, essential in work and study. Therefore, from an early age, the education and teaching of English in schools is very important. Let Duolingo make your English dreams come true. Duolingo is a language learning application, developed by Luis von Ahn and Severin Hacker, two talented American programmers at Carnegie Mellon University. The application officially launched in June 2012 with many interesting lessons. After uploading to software such as App Store or CH Play, Duolingo resonates even more. The number of users increasing every day shows the great benefits that the application brings.

English is not difficult with Duolingo

The explosion of technology has led to a lot of English learning applications born. Each application brings its own outstanding advantages, promising to help users improve their English level and become more confident in communication. In particular, Duolingo makes a special impression by the following factors.

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Combining play and learning

One of the factors that Duolingo focuses on is the combination of play and learning. Instead of forcing users to learn all complicated words and complicated meanings, the application proceeds in an interactive way to convey knowledge about grammar and vocabulary. The interweaving of dialogues, increasing the difficulty according to the levels are new points from the app that not all applications can do. Accordingly, users will have to experience 4 skills at the same time: listening, speaking, reading and writing in each challenge. The main content is repeated many times to help players memorize more easily. Incremental level divisions help you level up and improve your language skills. English topics in Duolingo are also very diverse such as Food, Shopping, Works, Animals, Adjectives, Colors, Numbers, Natures…

Spelling, listening and reading

With the desire to help users experience 4 skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing at the same time, in each round, users will type and fill in the correct words according to spelling and grammar. The system will have someone read the sample, then you will read it again according to that accent and intonation. Duolingo’s voice recognition function is quite standard. When you pronounce, the application will immediately detect mistakes and bold red for you to easily correct.

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The short exercises are highly addictive, creating excitement for players. You learn English while receiving a badge after each lesson. The time limit and difficulty of each lesson will be gradually upgraded. Difficult tests, the application creates more certificates of passing the lesson as a way to motivate learners.

Provide fun games

With Duolingo, you will learn English through fun games. Flashcards feature – Tinycards are free to use. This tool helps learners to learn over and over and review new words effectively. In addition, you can access the Duolingo Forum to interact and further discuss the lessons.with many other members. Currently, the application is supporting languages ​​such as English, French, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch…

Note when using Duolingo

Duolingo was voted as one of the best English learning apps on the market today. However, to learn effectively with the application, you need to immediately note the following issues:For those with a good foreign language background, starting to learn English with Duolingo will be quite easy. However, the application only meets the basic level, cannot meet the needs of intensive English learning.

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Duolingo hasn’t explained much about grammar rules yet. Therefore, if your knowledge of grammar is shaky, you will still have to look for other materials to study supplementary. When switching languages, Duolingo remains rigid. You must read correctly and clearly words to be able to convert. For example, if you want to find “I have a dog, you must read it correctly” t “I have a dog” if you read it as “I have a dog in my house”, it will not be translated.

MOD version of Duolingo APK

  • Premium Unlock

Duolingo mod is a useful English learning application that has received many positive reviews from users. This application helps you practice all 4 skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, thereby strengthening and perfecting learners’ foreign language abilities. Exercises of increasing difficulty and repetition help you remember things more easily.


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