Download DroidCamX Wireless Webcam Pro MOD (Patcher) + APK 6.11

Download DroidCamX Wireless Webcam Pro MOD (Patcher) + APK 6.11
Name DroidCamX Wireless Webcam Pro
Publisher Dev47Apps
Latest Version 6.11
Genre Tools
Size 5M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD patcher
Get it On Google Play

DroidCamX Wireless Webcam Pro MOD APK is a great tool for laptop users. Thanks to this application, you can make webcam calls to your loved ones through a mobile connection. As a paid application, it is certain that the application will bring you certain values. For only $5, you can use your phone as a tool to transfer images to your laptop. However, if you want to enjoy these great features for free, it’s not impossible. With DroidCamX Wireless Webcam Pro modpure, you can use the app completely Free.

Download DroidCamX Wireless Webcam Pro Mod – Turn your phone into a webcam

Many people do not want to use the webcam on a laptop because the image quality is relatively poor. Or simply because the webcam is not working. If you want to change to a sharper, quality webcam, the biggest problem here is finance. The price of a webcam is not cheap. Moreover, installing a new webcam does not necessarily mean that you will be satisfied with the image quality during calls. This is exactly why, savvy users have chosen DroidCamX Wireless Webcam Pro as the top solution. Compared to buying a new webcam, the price of using DroidCamX Wireless Webcam Pro is much cheaper. Not only that, you can also align your best face angle through the mobile camera. The application is appreciated for its stability, good image quality. Moreover, the connection and use is extremely simple. After connecting to the app, you just need to grant access and accept the terms to start using the app.

Simple connection

Connecting the application to the phone is very simple. Once downloaded, simply open your phone, access the app, and choose to connect to your phone. Once connected successfully, open the application and continue connecting to the computer. On the computer side, click accept the request of this utility app. Just like that, the connection of DroidCamX Wireless Webcam Pro is completed.

During use, please pay attention to the good performance of the application. Your phone and computer should not be more than 3m apart. This distance ensures a stable transmission, without any shock, lag or interference. If you see that the transmitted image is dark or not sharp, press the phone screen like focus, light when taking a photo. You can even turn on the flash when there is not enough light.

Customization and control

The process of transferring images from the phone to the computer by the application, the user has complete control. From colors, effects to image quality,… All are displayed very clearly on the computer screen. The drawback is that all features are in English. Therefore, if you do not have capital in this foreign language, it is best to use an automatic translation tool. During the connection, select the correct mobile device and select the most suitable connection. You can connect via wifi network, mobile data. Or use a USB cable to connect your computer and phone.

DroidCamX Wireless Webcam Pro mod

Good picture quality

The difference that can be clearly seen is the image quality transmitted between the DroidCamX Wireless Webcam Pro and the computer. With a regular computer webcam, the picture is often quite blurry, dark and ugly. However, through this application, the image quality has improved significantly. The image transferred from the phone to the computer is not only sharp but also very realistic. The transmission line is always stable, the sound is clear.

MOD Version of DroidCamX Wireless Webcam Pro APK

  • Patcher

You do not need to think much about the $ 5 price to use DroidCamX Wireless Webcam Pro because the value it brings is completely worth it. If your computer does not have a webcam or does, but is not satisfied, you can download this application. In addition, if you want to try the free experience to get an objective assessment before buying, please download the DroidCamX Wireless Webcam Pro MOD APK that we provide.


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