Download DraStic DS Emulator MOD (No Ads) + APK r2.5.2.2a

Download DraStic DS Emulator MOD (No Ads) + APK r2.5.2.2a
Name DraStic DS Emulator
Publisher Exophase
Latest Version r2.5.2.2a
Genre Action
Size 15M
Requires Android 4.1 trở lên
MOD No ads
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DraStic DS Emulator MOD APK (No Ads) is a game console emulator application that is currently very popular on the market today. Publisher Exophase has been very skillful when equipping the application with many attractive features, supporting users in the process of participating in games. Let’s learn about DraStic DS Emulator modpure in the article below.

download DraStic DS Emulator mod

Download DraStic DS Emulator Mod – A convenient, easy-to-use application

Are you looking for an application that supports gaming?Don’t know which application to choose the most suitable?Try the DraStic DS Emulator experience. DS or Nintendo DS is a type of game console with two screens (Dual Screen). With DraStic DS Emulator, users can run all the games on the DS system. This is something that not all apps can do. DraStic DS Emulator has just been released to the market not long ago, so it is impossible to talk about the perfection of this application. There are still some minor bugs that arise during the game play. The publisher emphasized that this is a trial version, not affiliated with Nintendo. You do not need to worry too much because you can completely download roms of games on the internet. The loading process is very quick and doesn’t take long. The actual experience and the benefits that players receive will remain intact.

Some key features

DraStic DS Emulator brings a lot of useful features to users. Accordingly, when using, you will experience many outstanding advantages listed below.

High Resolution

One of the most outstanding advantages of DraStic DS Emulator is that it provides high resolution. The application enhances 2x the resolution for 3D games with the DS system. Thereby, the user experience is enhanced.

DraSticDS Emulator mod

Custom Screen

The second outstanding feature is screen customization. Accordingly, you can completely adjust the position of the two sides of the screen. The two sides of the screen are placed one above, one below or placed in parallel at will, Please choose the most appropriate position as long as it does not affect the game play process.

Save feature

Raising the resolution and customizing the screen comfortably is not enough. DraStic DS Emulator also impresses with its save and resume feature. Accordingly, you can use the sve states task to remember the game progress when unfortunately there is a busy interruption. Because it has been saved, after returning to play the game, you will continue to play the game at the point where you left off.

Battery saving feature

The publisher has optimized the application to increase its compatibility with many different phone lines. At the same time, the battery life is also improved. The battery saving feature helps users to play games for a longer time.

Sync data

In the game there will be archive files. In order for users not to lose these files, the publisher has developed a data synchronization feature. Thereby, all necessary information will be connected and stored on Google Drive. If unfortunately your device is reinstalled, these data will not be lost. Just log in to Drive then copy the saved data and you’re done.

DraSticDS Emulator hack

Fast-forward feature

One of the other features of the highly appreciated DraStic DS Emulator is Fast-forward. This feature supports speeding up, skipping the dialogue that the player feels is not necessary to appear in the game. Fast-forward will help you fast forward segments with dialogue. In addition, players can also enter cheat codes to own a few more special features when playing the game.

MOD Version of DraStic DS Emulator APK

  • No advertising
  • Optimization

DraStic DS Emulator MOD APK is one of the utility applications, bringing a lot of advantages to players. The application enhances the user’s experience, making gaming easier and more comfortable. Hope the information in the article has helped you better understand this application.


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