Download Dragon City 2 MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK v0.11.2

Download Dragon City 2 MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK v0.11.2
Name Dragon City 2
Publisher Parrotgames
Latest Version 0.11.2
Genre Simulation
Size 170 Mb
Requires Android
MOD Unlimited money
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Dragon City 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a pretty good game that combines base building and dragon training. You can hatch eggs, breed and capture legendary dragons in the game. From there, combine with your soldiers to attack the enemy. With flexible game mechanics, many different game modes and beautiful 2D graphics design, you will be hooked on this game. Let’s experience the game Dragon City 2 in the following article.

Download Dragon City 2 mod – Dragon training and base building game

Following the success in part one, this Dragon City 2 continues to storm the gaming community. Hundreds of thousands of game downloads on phones after 1 week of launch have made this dragon training game one of the hottest games. When participating in Dragon City 2, you will be given a land to build a base. Your task is to collect resources, fight monsters around to accumulate money. Then you will build armies to capture dragons and train them. With many dragon systems, you will create one to make your own, thereby sending troops to destroy the enemies in the game. With simple gameplay mechanics, unique visuals, this promises to be a game worth experiencing.

Dragon City 2

The plot of the game

Dragon City 2 is a hero game in the shape of a dragon. You will be taken to a mysterious island. Here, in addition to unique creatures, there are also large dragons with destructive power. The dragons on the island are very aggressive and have good fighting ability. You will have the skills to be able to chat and capture these dragons. The game is a long journey to learn and collect dragons to fight for yourself. In addition, you also need to build a base to recruit good soldiers. They will help you defend against attacks from enemies, and can send troops to conquer new lands.

Satisfy your passion for raising dragons

Players participating in the game Dragon City 2 will satisfy their passion for capturing dragons and practicing with them. The game does not emphasize the fighting process, instead it is the process of taking care and training legendary dragons. The player has a special ability that can breed dragons to be able to create other species with special advantages. This new breed will inherit the strengths from their parents. From there, it is more complete and has strong combat stats.

Dragon City 2 MOD APK

From the moment they lie dormant in their eggs until they hatch into adorable baby dragons, you’ll watch them grow up. Since then, your love for this dragon has also grown. Legendary dragons will join you in each fierce battle. They have the necessary skill sets to be able to destroy many opponent troops. Depending on each battle and opponent, you will choose the tactics to be able to win. Each time through the level, you will upgrade the dragons and perfect their fighting skills.

The process of raising dragons and expanding the base

Each type of dragon has a different set of stats as well as a special farming process. They will grow quickly if well taken care of. The stats also increase according to the dragon’s level. To a certain extent, the dragons will be very powerful and damage wide area. Every time you feed the dragon and level up, you will see the dragon’s stats increase. However, the process of acquiring and breeding dragons will take up a lot of space. So, in addition to nurturing them, you also have to regularly expand your base to be able to admit new dragons.

Explore the open world in the game

Dragon City 2 is an open world game. You will not need to follow the plot, but you can do whatever you want. It can take hours to capture more than 100 species of dragons in the game. Or build your base firmly so that no opponent dares to attack. With the creation of many dragons, most of the time in the game you have to learn and conquer them. Each dragon has its own characteristics and set of stats. There are lovely looking dragons that you would love to own. They will satisfy your curiosity.

DragonCity 2 MOD

Your Dragon City will gradually become bustling when well bred. From there, there will appear stronger and better F1 dragons than the previous generation. This is the ideal time for you to go conquer the island. From there, you will become the king of this dragon island. Players can also bring dragons to participate in different game modes. These missions are very difficult but give players a lot of valuable rewards. You definitely want to join these challenges.

Dragon City 2 MOD APK version

  • Unlimited money

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If you are passionate about legendary dragon games, Dragon City 2 MOD APK will be very suitable. Dragon city with more than 100 different species will satisfy your passion. In addition to raising and capturing dragons, you can also build bases and recruit soldiers. From there conquer the island and become the island lord. Download the game now and experience it.


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