Download Detention MOD (Unlocked) + APK 2.3

Download Detention MOD (Unlocked) + APK 2.3
Name Detention
Publisher 赤燭遊戲
Latest Version 2.3
Genre Adventure
Size 467 Mb
Requires Android 8.0 trở lên
MOD Unlock
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Detention MOD APK (Unlocked) is an attractive horror game, and the content is based on the religious culture of Taiwan during the martial law period. With attractive gameplay, fascinating details and unpredictable creepy world, the game has received a “rain” of compliments and positive reviews from the global horror fan community.

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Download Detention Mod – Horror game from Taiwan

The horror genre is very attractive and diverse in style, typical examples include: suffocating chase with a serial killer, trying to escape from the scary spooky room, surreal spooky worldwith elements of weird fantasy, and of course the “classic” ghost form with heart-pounding jumpscares. But if you are bored with the horror genres above, and want to experience a completely different gameplay from before, even not in any framework, then choose to experience the story. Detention’s strangeness. The game world is a “just right” blend of fiction and reality, and even strangely frustrating experiences that make you want to sink in forever. Adventures are unpredictable, and filled with challenges or puzzles along the way. Although the plot is confusing, your task is simply to collect all the necessary items and items to escape the haunted school, as well as escape from the strange and eerie Taiwan in this game.this game!

The story of detention and unpredictable consequences

Detention is definitely a unique weird horror experience, from the setting to the character building and the progression of the story. Most of the journey took place during Taiwan’s martial law regime in the 1960s, which was an extremely “complex” time politically, militarily, as well as “mixed” between thousands of different beliefs, customs and cultures. The main character is Wei Chung Ting, who is a regular “model” student and has a bad habit of falling asleep in class. However, every time when he wakes up from a dream, Chung Ting hears a loudspeaker announcing a big storm and everyone is frantically “running for life and death” to another place.

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Of course, Ting also ran with the crowd, but when he ran, he “touched” a strange girl, and she was also fast asleep. In the same condition, the two continued to run, but when they reached the bridge, the water was washed away, and strangely, the river water suddenly turned blood red. It was in this moment that the two were transported to another bizarre world. In this strange world, all things are extremely magical, half false and half real. The two are forced to continue together to escape hundreds of species of demons, overcome a series of secrets and find clues to get out of this demonic dream. When experienced long enough, players understand that the ghosts in this haunted school all come out of ancient Taiwanese legends and religions. Of course, the collection of exorcism items, weapons to fight the devil is also based on the religious beliefs of the old Taiwanese.

Gameplay Review

How to play Detention is not too complicated, when you only use basic operations such as pointing, touching and dragging on the screen to control the character. After the first half of the journey, you will have an assessment that the game resembles Resident Evil. However, many puzzles are very complex, so you need to be really focused and patient to pass.

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Note that you need to focus on guarding against lingered, which are ghosts “roaming” throughout the school. Of course, if you “clash” on them, you have to offer rice offerings to distract or “silently” bear the battle. Of course, the number of rice offerings is limited, so you will have a hard time solving puzzles and trying to avoid being surrounded by demons. However, the second half of the story clearly shows the story, so the player gradually reveals the secret of all previous grievances and confusing situations. From here, you also gradually open an escape from the haunted school, out of the illusory old Taiwan to return to the real world. The special thing is that the game has many different endings, and the final result depends on the player’s own choices and ways of looking at the problem.

Explore beliefs and religions

Detention also provides a diverse and interesting knowledge of stories, beliefs and a variety of strange spiritual conceptions of Tai-Chinese culture during the chaotic period decades ago.

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Of course, you also have the opportunity to admire and feel Taiwanese culture through the sometimes melodious, sometimes scary background music. Interestingly, the game music mixes “just right” between traditional Asian instruments, with Western-style music like Electronic, Lo-Fi and Rock. In addition, the 2D Graphics are also very unique and inspired by the Taiwanese art world in the 60s-70s of the last century. Surely you will be impressed and quite haunted by the doodles, the strange ghosts with sloppy shapes, gloomy blue-gray tones, …

MOD version of Detention APK

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In summary, Detention MOD APK is definitely an interesting game and not to be missed if you love the horror genre. Not only brings simple and attractive gameplay, but the game also brings interesting details, unique cultural and religious knowledge about Taiwan more than 50 years ago.


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