Download Dead by Daylight MOD (FOV, Wallhack) + APK 5.4.0012

Download Dead by Daylight MOD (FOV, Wallhack) + APK 5.4.0012
Name Dead by Daylight
Publisher Behaviour Interactive
Latest Version 5.4.0012
Genre Action
Size 1.5G
Requires Android 7.0 trở lên
MOD FOV, Wallhack
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Dead by Daylight MOD APK will tell you, what is the feeling of wanting to die to relieve it. This mobile version is rated excellent in terms of graphics as well as features. Behavior Interactive’s product has been successfully adapted, inheriting the quintessence of the version on PC as well as Nintendo Switch. This is the real challenge of courageous people who want to experience danger in a horror context.

Deadby Daylight mod

Download Dead by Daylight Mod – Escape from horror

The previous version was a huge hit. Therefore, after a while, Dead by Daylight for mobile has officially appeared. This survival game contains elements of horror, a little “sensational” that attracts players in a strange way.

Drama gameplay

The game combines many genres with the main task of surviving, experiencing the adventure journey, making tactics and plans to deceive the killer. As a multiplayer game, you won’t be alone in the terrifying world that Dead by Daylight has created. Instead, you will be accompanied by 4 other players. Out of 5 people, 1 person will be a murderer, the other 4 will play the role of “prey”. A murderer is like a hunter, his purpose is to kill people alive and drain energy. The source of energy that helps him become stronger is the fear of humans. Therefore, the more fearful the living person is, the more it stimulates his desires. In order to escape the deadly forest, the group of survivors will have to find ways to repair and use electric generators around the map.

Deadby Daylight hack

Generators are scattered across the map. To find, fix, and start, you need to distract the killer. Team members need to coordinate well, act safely to achieve the goal. When the full map generator is active, the exit door will open. This is the only way for you to get out of this horrible nightmare.

Survival Mission

There are many ways for the killer to reach the living people. His vision is his weak point. However, his intuition was extremely sharp. So he can know where you are. Once survivors are discovered, he will punish and kill them with extremely brutal methods. For example, hanging prey in a dark corner causes them to slowly die. If rescued, this person can recover. However, it was not easy to distract the killer. The important point to remember in Dead by Daylight is that prey cannot attack the hunter. The killer has weapons, speed, skills and strength. Therefore, to defeat him, you must use everything possible to escape. It could be windows, barriers or objects like flashlights. Do not ignore the sensory element because it helps you detect and sense danger is near. Therefore, do not forget to use headphones when experiencing this unique horror game.

download Dead by Daylight mod

Teamwork and group association

An online game experience with other players that allows you to participate in group challenges. You will accompany your friends or other gamers in a game screen. Therefore, the ability to interact and work in groups based on the spirit of solidarity and mutual understanding is extremely necessary. If coordinated well, your team will have a high chance of survival. With good cooperation, each person can support and do their job well, the goal of running a full-map generator will be easier to succeed.

Two roles

Dead by Daylight is a “half-season” survival game because it is only true if the player chooses the role of a survivor. If you choose to experience the role of a murderer, you will be the hunter and your mission is to kill all the survivors. So it’s no surprise when you come across characters in The Devil, Nightmare, Trapper,… The difference in ability and combat ability makes the game more thrilling and unpredictable. For example, The Trapper has a strong point of being a bear trap, and the Ghost Face has the ability to make the opponent paranoid.or The Clown throws bottles to kill people. In addition, the game also has many other characters for you to choose from. Each experience brings its own feeling. So you can try to play as a hunter as well as a survival group.

download Dead by Daylight hack


The graphics of Dead by Daylight cannot be ignored because it is really excellent. If you want to be realistic, you will have reality, if you want to be sharp, you will be sharp. Especially the feeling of horror, chills and horror that it brings extremely “quality”. With modern graphics technology, the characters and the scene are modeled in extreme detail. In the gloomy, dim space, the atmosphere of tension and horror covers. Be prepared to feel the fear that the game brings.

MOD Version of Dead by Daylight APK

  • Menu
  • FOV
  • Wallhack

Continue to experience the horror game or multiplayer this summer with the blockbuster Dead by Daylight. The game lets you challenge your survival instincts in the context of a terrifying near-death. Whether it is a prey or a hunter, promoting the skills and strengths of each character is still of paramount importance. Download Dead by Daylight MOD APK to experience it now!


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