Download Day R Premium MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1,716

Download Day R Premium MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1,716
Name Day R Premium
Publisher tltGames
Latest Version 1.716
Genre Role Playing
Size 142 Mb
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
Get it On Google Play

If you are a lover of adventure, like thrills and exploration, do not ignore Day R Premium MOD APK (Unlimited Money). This is one of the fascinating survival games released by tltGames. To be able to win what you need is not only intelligence but also courage and patience.

download Day R Premium mod

Download Day R Premium Mod – An engaging survival RPG

First, you need to learn the plot so that you can know what you are facing and what to do in the game. Day R Premium is set in Russia in 1985 and is devastated by nuclear war. As a result, humans and animals are both contaminated with radiation, leading to mutations. Fortunately, you are one of the few who survived and did not get transformed into a zombie. However, the problem you face now is how to survive in such desolate and harsh conditions. The player’s task is to move from one location to another to find food, medicine and even tools to make weapons to defeat the dangers around. Besides survival, you also have to gather survivors to find the cause of this disaster. In the journey you will find your lost memory part. The ultimate goal is to restore a normal life. At the beginning of the game, you will play the role of the main character who has lost his memory and is lying in the middle of the road. You need to press the “Stand up” button to get up and start the game. The system will continuously send notifications and instructions to the player.

Day R Premium Highlights

Compared to the game Day R Survival, this version has new improvements to bring great experiences to players. The first new point is about weapons, the number of detonators is up to 2,500 and you need to collect it in your personal inventory in your search for life.

hackDay R Premium

Next, the map is designed to be clearer and more detailed to create a realistic feeling for the player. Importantly, you can go to any of the marked locations without any restrictions. The third point is that the game is played in Online mode, so you can invite friends to join. You and your teammates can talk or exchange resources when needed. Playing with teammates not only increases the excitement, but can also help each other avoid danger along the way. Threats can come from mutant animals, zombies, wild animals. In addition, the item menu to collect includes:

  • Survival includes tents and weapons for combat (rude and modern).
  • Cooking includes food and cooking utensils.
  • Chemistry includes chemicals and drugs.
  • Mechanics
  • Sewing
  • Blacksmithing is a new addition to Day R Survival.

The inventory will help you keep all the items without losing or wasting no matter how many times you replay.

Is Day R Premium easy to play?

The answer is no. Day R Survival is classified as a difficult game to play, requiring many skills. During your journey you will have to face many challenges including:

  • I’m hungry
  • Pandemic

DayR Premium mod

  • Zombies
  • Toxic radioactive material
  • GM animals
  • Wild animals.
  • Severe weather

Although it is so difficult to play, Day R Survival is still attractive to players. The main character also has amnesia, so it urges the player to find the truth. Compared to other survival games, this version is more appreciated for its high combat. The danger, the accident will happen suddenly, so the player always has to strain his brain to preserve his life. In addition to combat skills, players must also have survival skills to overcome difficult times in these harsh conditions.

How to survive in Day R Survival

Despite being rated as high difficulty, Day R Survival still has suggestions to help players overcome challenges. In each city you go to, there will be many places containing the necessary amount of food and items you can collect.

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Note, the items in the “You are searching…” status are for making weapons. Characters in the game have the ability to create a variety of weapons from weapons, tools, medicine to heavy weapons.

Day R Premium Game Modes

Day R Survival has 4 game modes for users to choose from: Real life, Sandbox, Super hard and Online.

  • Sandbox for beginners to get used to the game and you won’t die.
  • Real life will be as harsh as real life, just one mistake you will pay with your life.
  • Super hard version is extremely difficult for those who want to challenge themselves.
  • Online is an online game mode with teammates.

Graphics combine rhythmically with sad bass to create drama

The main color tone of Day R Premium is a deep color expressing the desolation caused by the destruction of the war. Graphics using 2D and 3D technology create extremely impressive effects, the detail in each frame makes players feel excited.

modDay R Premium

Sad bass music sometimes makes players feel nervous and a little scared. Especially the scenes entering a dark cellar or deserted forests. All have created a great experience for players.

MOD Version of Day R Premium APK

  • Unlimited money
  • 100 levels

In short, if you are looking to experience the feeling of survival in the midst of many dangers, then try Day R Premium MOD APK now. Please invite your friends to join for great entertainment moments.


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