Download Dark Days: Zombie Survival MOD (Unlimited Gold) + APK 2.0.4

Download Dark Days: Zombie Survival MOD (Unlimited Gold) + APK 2.0.4
Name Dark Days: Zombie Survival
Publisher Azur Interactive Games Limited
Latest Version 2.0.4
Genre Action
Size 400 Mb
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Unlimited Gold
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Dark Days: Zombie Survival MOD APK (Unlimited Gold) – the battle to save the world of brave warriors trying to fight against the raging  zombie . The fighting spirit of a warrior will give you more motivation to fight against those zombies. Download the game and start the battle!

Download Dark Days: Zombie Survival Mod – Survival battle to save the world

You are a gamer who loves horror elements, mixed with the fiction of a dark age of mankind. You often imagine a world where civilization is threatened, human life and everything is more fragile than ever. The dark days that people are going through are all caused by the unprecedented Zombie disease. Will you be the survivor, the savior or defeat at the hands of the evil undead?Then Dark Days: Zombie Survival is a great card for you. Without going around, we bring you a survival game that revolves around the harsh reality of a ruined world – Dark Days: Zombie Survival. Developed by action game expert – Azur Interactive Games Limited, the game promises to bring you real dramatic experiences about a bloody and dark Zombie era. Calling this a new game genre is not entirely correct, if you look closely you will see that this game is inspired by  Last Day on Earth. Indeed it is, only the publisher Azur Interactive Game has upgraded with better visual graphics. And like LDOE, Dark Days: Zombie Survival also follows an engaging storyline where you will play the main character, who directly faces the zombies disaster.

The plot of the game

Humanity enters a dark age, the end of the world is near – As a punishment for human crimes, an unprecedented disease has come and pushed humans and living creatures into chaos. Human society was engulfed in a great pandemic. In just a short time, all was seriously ruined, the city was filled with corpses and blood, the scene was murky and creepy. Almost the entire population turns into bloodthirsty zombies. Everywhere on the road is full of walking corpses. They hear and detect odors of living organisms with the sole purpose of satisfying their hunger for fresh meat. Everywhere, people are engulfed in fear and are always struggling in vain to regain their normal life.

Dark Days Zombie Survival mod

The army was forced to use nuclear bombs, but all efforts were in vain. Everything is now out of control. Unable to rely on the Government and the army, the people became desperate and trampled on each other, fleeing the city to avoid the dead pedestrians. Entering the world of Dark Days, you will play the role of a Survivor – a man lucky to escape the apocalypse. Your mission is to try to survive to destroy all those zombies and light up hope for humanity. To do that, you need to build a base, accumulate resources, craft everything useful and fight to wipe out the zombies. The fate of the Earth is in your hands!

Gameplay Review

Dark Days: Zombie Survival is a survival game. Because you have to find a way to survive in a world that is about to be destroyed, approaching the end of the world. By participating in the construction of a safe haven. To do this, you need to gather resources from abandoned places and find necessities and food. A few types of fruit trees in the forest will be very useful for your luggage. The most difficult thing is that you have to do everything when there are zombies everywhere.

Dark Days Zombie Survival hack

Initially, you can defend yourself with some rudimentary items such as a stone or a tree branch that you can create. However, in the process of fighting zombies, there are more resources for you to collect such as guns, motorbikes, bombs, etc. They will help you a lot in protecting yourself and fighting zombies later.. Don’t miss anything on the way. The resources you earn will be used to upgrade weapons, equipment and protect the base where you are.

Do everything to avoid Zombie

Dark Days: Zombie Survival is highly appreciated by gamers. Because this “super game” possesses a relatively diverse feature system, expensive weapon and equipment creation system, and a very sensitive control system, especially when the character is in an urgent situation.and dangerous. This makes players not bored, always in a state of real experience, very suspenseful and attractive. You will gradually be upgraded thanks to the loot and experience accumulated from killing a few single zombies. But when you do not have enough equipment, do not be foolish to go into the lairs of zombies. Because in their lair, there are countless diverse and crazy zombies. Engage in it, as if you choose death.

As a real war against a large and dangerous force, to win, you definitely need a lot of high-class weapons and equipment. The only way to make them is to collect more advanced items (like submachine guns, AKM guns, pistols, etc.) by leveling up. More specifically, reaching a certain level, you can get a motorbike, a useful vehicle for moving to find or escape. When you are sure of your strength, break into the zombie lair and destroy all those hideous zombies. No matter who you are, regardless of normal gamers or professional gamers, as long as you have a special passion for the Zombie killing genre, I believe you can do it.

Impressive graphics

Dark Days: Zombie Survival is highly appreciated by experts for graphics. Because this super game is an upgrade in graphics with a combination of extremely realistic 2D and 3D images. The overall detail in both scenes and creatures in the game is quite good and good quality. With cartoon strokes similar to those on comic books, the game gives gamers a whole new sense of the post-apocalyptic setting. All giving you a great experience!

hack Dark Days Zombie Survival

MOD version of Dark Days: Zombie Survival APK

  • Infinite Gold

Attracting a large number of players Dark Days: Zombie Survival MOD really deserves to be the first name mentioned when talking about the hottest survival shooter genre on mobile. Download this gameplay right now to your phone and fight right away.


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