Download Crazy Defense Heroes MOD (Unlimited Resources) + APK 3.6.4

Download Crazy Defense Heroes MOD (Unlimited Resources) + APK 3.6.4
Name Crazy Defense Heroes
Publisher Animoca Brands
Latest Version 3.6.4
Genre Strategy
Size 160 Mb
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Unlimited resources
Get it On Google Play

Crazy Defense Heroes MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a hugely successful strategic tower defense mobile game with over 2 million downloads. This game is a sequel and part of the Crazy Kings game franchise, which immediately made the gaming community stand still.

download Crazy Defense Heroes mod

Download Crazy Defense Heroes Mod – The best defense strategy game

Animoca’s Crazy Defense Heroes is a new mix of RPG, tower defense, and card collecting. The game revolves around the main theme of building an army, or defending and fighting off hordes of enemies. Place towers, cast spells and upgrade your hero cards. In addition, players can create their own faction by interacting with other players around the world.

Crazy Defense Heroes – Tower defense game

Crazy Defense Heroes is a strategy game with more than 500 different levels. You will have to protect your fantasy world in each level. In fact, this gameplay you can see in familiar games like Realm Defense or Castle Creeps, but  the special feature here is that there are some more gameplay from other equally popular games like Clash Royale.. The first level acts as a guide, the more dramatic the later. The levels of this game work similarly to most other tower defense games: simply place your tower in one of the available spaces to prevent the enemy from reaching the end of the path. However, there will still be one big difference, you can only choose from a few specific towers at the top of each screen.

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Not only that, this game has more than 90 cards to discover, in which each card will contain different “powers”. Use them wisely to beat all the challenges in this game’s almost endless levels. Destroy all zombies, dragons and other creatures lurking around, returning peace to this land.

Become crazy defense heroes

To get started, assemble a battle deck of over 400 cards, followed by hordes of terrifying fantasy creatures across 1,000 fun levels in Evils Realm. Each level is usually cleared in a few minutes and gets progressively harder. So make sure to pick the right cards and adjust your strategy to increase your chances of winning. Conquering higher levels means better loot and unlocking rarer cards with different gadgets. These cards are categorized into several categories, such as battle towers, instant weapons, support heroes, and your main avatar. They will help you a lot during the journey to conquer the game.

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Crazy Defense Heroes – Card Power

Cards are an important game element in Crazy Defense Heroes. Each card represents unique defenses, heroes, spells, and equipment. Cards must be used strategically to prevent hordes of enemies from reaching your base.

  • Massive defense hero card: This is a card that can be played anywhere in the fight. Their advantage is high damage, can respawn in a battle with full health like before being attacked. However, to resurrect them, they must be exchanged for 1 gem, twice the previous time.
  • Tower Cards: These are “Battle Cards” that you place on tower points to defend your base. Tower cards can be upgraded in battle and their main focus is on stopping enemy minions. Some cards can deal AOE (Area of ​​Effect) damage, while others excel at ranged and melee attacks. They have appearance levels of Common – Rare – Epic and Legendary.

CrazyDefense Heroes mod

  • Magic card: Think of it as your spell. Magic is an essential part of the game to successfully defend your base. Each Spell card has a cooldown, however they cannot be navigated around the area, in contrast to Hero cards.

Simple but impressive Crazy Defense Heroes graphics

Just like any other casual mobile game, Crazy Defense Heroes is available on Google Play and App Store. Animoca Games gave the game a single-player aesthetic: 2D graphics, vibrant colors, and realistic sounds.

The unique gameplay of Crazy Defense Heroes

Don’t worry too much about the difficulty of the levels, because they are manageable!Your goal is to strategically place towers to defend your base, keeping the enemy minions out of the gates. To do this, you spend energy points every time you complete a level.

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One can also use energy to gain more items or do other game quests. Therefore, energy management is one of the important aspects of Crazy Defense Heroes. Energy will be replenished at a rate of every nine minutes.

MOD Version of Crazy Defense Heroes APK

  • Infinite Resources

If you want a relaxing game that combines aspects of traditional games and mobile blockchain games, then this game is definitely for you. Download hack Crazy Defense Heroes mod full money promises to bring you the most interesting and engaging experience. Let’s download the game now!


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