Download Cover Strike MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK v1.7.71

Download Cover Strike MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK v1.7.71
Name Cover Strike
Publisher FPS Shooter & Action Game
Latest Version 1.7.71
Genre Action
Size 66 Mb
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Unlimited money
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Cover Strike MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a very hot first-person shooter video game and offers many fierce competitions. Although this genre is so familiar to many people, the game has its own appeal to gamers. Therefore, in the midst of thousands of different mobile shooting games, this name still retains its hotness and position. Now, the full money version of Cover Strike on the phone will bring more surprises. Are you ready to fight and bring peace to the world?

Download Cover Strike Mod – Fight the rioters, win peace

Cover Strike inherits from the legendary game Counter-Strike with first-person shooter gameplay. Although the gameplay is familiar, a bit classic, but the game has renewed in its own style. Since then, it has attracted many gamers with a huge number of downloads on the app stores. So if you are a lover of shooting games, do not miss this name!In this game we not only experience better graphics but also new mechanics. Add to that the dramatic plot, the confrontation between the top organizations. So the game is not only normal shooting but also challenges the bravery of each player. What will you do when carrying a great responsibility?

Cover Strike

Story and gameplay

The only game mode in Cover Strike is Campaign. Although not developing many different modes, the game still attracts players. In this regime, the world is in chaos by terrorists and police spies who aim to overthrow the policing. Players will play the role of government people, with teammates to fight. Capture each region to regain peace for the whole world. In the Campaign there will be 6 episodes, each episode 20 areas, capture all and you will win. However, things may not be as smooth as you think. Terrorists always have tricks to cause trouble for players. As the later episodes, the difficulty increases, bringing no small challenges. However, Cover Strike has a replay mechanism. If you don’t win in an episode then start over, many players have found tricks to make it easier for themselves. Moreover, the movement and operation are very simple, new players can also quickly access through the first two episodes.

Various arsenal

The publisher has designed and added a lot of weapons to make the collection more diverse. Selecting weapons and participating in the battlefield is extremely important. The more advanced and modern the weapon, the greater the ability to defeat the enemy. You can come across familiar guns in the army such as M249, AWP, Sniper, AK47,… Each weapon has different firepower and usage. So please research carefully and choose the most suitable for each area.

Cover Strike MOD

The terrain of each area will affect each person’s decision to choose a weapon. For example, using a short-range machine gun or a long-range gun, how much firepower is enough?All are available in the store and you can easily equip your character before joining the battle. So accumulating bonuses is an extremely important thing to equip with the most advanced weapons.

Fight with teammates

Cover Strike is a battle between government soldiers and terrorists, so you will stand shoulder to shoulder with your teammates. Although it is an offline game, it can be played offline, but you still have the characters to go with. Among them are Thunder, Phoenix and Cobra respectively. Phoenix is ​​a character that is unlocked by default and follows you from the very beginning. The other two were mercenaries, but their actual strength was much higher. Fight with them and capture each terrorist area. Unlock two characters Thunder and Cobra to increase the winning rate. If you don’t want to be defeated and have to replay an episode continuously, then use these teammates!

Top notch graphics

Although using somewhat classic gameplay, what makes Cover Strike successful is the graphics. The publisher uses 3D technology for vivid and realistic images. Moreover, the guns, bombs, the scenery of each area are designed in extremely detail. Although the graphics are high-tech, you can experience it smoothly right on your mobile phone.

CoverStrike MOD APK

In addition, the sound is also a factor that immerses players in each battle. Every gunshot, explosion or footstep will help you orient the right strategy.

Cover Strike MOD APK Version

  • Unlimited money

If you are a lover of shooting games, do not ignore Cover Strike MOD APK. New version with many unexpected features, maximum player support. Simultaneously experience the plot with 6 basic chapters, vivid graphics and sounds that are easy to immerse in every step. Download it to your phone today.


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