Download Citra Emulator MOD (Unlocked Premium) + APK bed6a4f12

Download Citra Emulator MOD (Unlocked Premium) + APK bed6a4f12
Name Citra Emulator
Publisher Citra Emulator
Latest Version bed6a4f12
Genre Tools
Size 32M
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Premium Unlock
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Not as prominent as many other applications, but for those who are really interested in games, they must have heard of Citra Emulator MOD APK (Premium Unlocked). In essence, this is an emulator that helps gamers run Nintendo 3DS games on the Android operating system. With this emulator software, gamers can run all its game series. After 6 years of launch, Citra Emulator finally has a mobile version.

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Download Citra Emulator Mod – Quality Emulator for Android

For professional gamers, the name Nintendo is no stranger. This is a famous game company that has released legendary games like Mario, Pokemon. Previously, its games could not be played on mobile. Instead, only the company’s game consoles can meet this. The company’s “Gameboy” game console has a fairly large amount of money. Therefore, not all players can own this device. This is the reason, Citra Emulator emulator software appeared. The open data project on GitHub Cintra is contributed by many developers. Together they learn, research to write emulator programs, spend time playing around, detecting and fixing bugs. In 2014, this emulator was completed and officially launched. At first, it could only run certain games. More than a year later, Cintra can run Pokemon and other series of this game. Up to now, Citra Emulator has been able to “weigh” most of its games with a fairly smooth experience.

Running multiple 3DS games

As shared, before, to play Nintendo games, you had to have a Gameboy. However, when Citra Emulator was released, everything was much simpler. No need to spend money to buy a handheld, you can still play its games on mobile. Most of its games can be experienced on this emulator.

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This experience is completely free. You just need to download the game at the site that provides ROMs and then use the Citra Emulator application to open the game. This has many benefits, but also has some limitations. The reason is that game developers sell products for revenue. So, if you use it for free, the developer is the one who suffers. Therefore, you can play games on the app and buy games with the nature of supporting the company.

High compatibility

To evaluate an emulator, it is impossible to ignore the compatibility criteria as well as the ability to optimize the device. With Citra Emulator, both of these criteria are guaranteed. As an application that has been built and developed by hundreds of units, Citra possesses many advantages. Currently, this emulator is compatible with most Nintendo games with an impressive frame rate of 60FPS. Moreover, it is also optimized on Android devices. Although optimized, to get the full experience, high-configuration user devices are still the safest. With high-end chips like Kirin 980, you can play games on the emulator smoothly, without lag.

Simple interface, gamepad support

Citra Emulator is optimized not only in features but also in interface. You can use the application with simple operations. At the start, you will choose where to save the game. Then proceed with the settings and change the directory. In general, all operations are very basic, easy to understand, nothing complicated.

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In particular, the emulator is also geared towards user experience by supporting more Gamepads. If you don’t want to use the touch buttons on the screen, you can change to the Gamepad to play the game smoother.

Graphics and sound like the original

Playing through an emulator application, will the game’s graphics and sound quality be affected?You do not need to worry about this because the emulator keeps the original graphics and sound thanks to the following special features:

  • Internal Resolution: Helps users change the frame size.
  • Linear Filtering: Scale the output image, the image has a little blur but not much. In return, the experience will be smoother.
  • Texture Filter: Texture filter creates realism, if turned off will increase graphics and play smoother.
  • Audio Stretching: Increases the time to change the speed or audio signal, but has no effect on pitch.

MOD Version of Citra Emulator APK

  • Premium Unlock

It took many years, a lot of effort by the developers to complete the Citra project. Therefore, it will be a pity if you ignore this Nintendo 3DS gaming emulator. Now, the dream of playing 3DS games without having to buy a handheld has come true. What are you waiting for without downloading Citra Emulator MOD APK to your device today?


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